Here’s What You Need For A High-End Thanksgiving

Perhaps you want to make your Thanksgiving banquet a bit fancier this year. In addition to that delicious turkey, yummy mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, and delectable spread of desserts, you’ll need the perfect items to really turn that table of yours into a luxurious and extravagant feast. With these five sleek and sophisticated products, you’ll have that high-end Thanksgiving dinner you and your guests will never forget.

Blomus Bread Basket Large

In order to make your table look like a fancy restaurant with a centerpiece piled high with your favorite breads, rolls, and biscuits, you’ll need the perfect basket to serve them in. The Blomus Bread Basket Large is chrome plated steel wire with a fabric liner for even further elegance. With such a beautiful display, you and your guests will love passing the bread around to enjoy.

Blomus Vino Wine Rack for 12 Bottles

For the adults at your Thanksgiving dinner, they may want to enjoy the sweet and savory tastes of a nice glass of wine. Display those bottles in a rack fit for the occasion with the Blomus Vino Wine Rack for 12 Bottles. This sleek and stylish rack can hold up to 12 bottles among its geometric design that is both eye catching and super functional. Your bottles will stay securely in place until it is time for the pouring to commence.

Kitchen Tablet Cookbook Stand

While preparing that delicious list of ingredients, even the finest chefs may need their trusty recipes to refer to when cooking greatness. Get modern this Thanksgiving by using your tablet instead of a classic cookbook for looking up those instructions. The Kitchen Tablet Cookbook Stand provides your tablet a home to rest in while you are stirring those pans of sauces, chopping the onions, and basting that turkey. With its anti-slip silicone surface, your tablet will stay nice and secure as you keep cooking.

One-Handed Pepper and Salt Mills

When you reach for the salt or pepper for some added seasoning, you’ll be glad you have the One-Handed Pepper and Salt Mills at your table this year. Made of stainless steel, ceramic and glass, salt and pepper shakers never looked so elegant. And, with their one-handed functionality, you can easily salt and grind that pepper in seconds over your food for even better flavor.


How would you like the functionality of two products in one? With the Colander, you have the convenience of a handy colander that can be used for straining those potatoes or vegetables, and then can be taken right to the table for a wonderful glazed ceramic serving dish that will enhance the beauty of any table this Thanksgiving.

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