The Best Fruit Displays for Every Room in Your Home

The wonderful thing about a fruit bowl is its versatility. It can go practically anywhere in your home and not look out of place. Fruit displays bring a welcoming feel into your living space and provide additional decoration. Choose from any fruits you like and get creative with how you organize and present them. If you really want to make a statement, these fruit displays are exactly what your home needs.

The Kitchen

Wire Fruit Bowl

Let your fruit display find home on your kitchen counter so you can keep your fruit nice and fresh while also giving your cooking space that added decoration. With a bowl of fruit, your kitchen will really look like it is right out a magazine. The Wire Fruit Bowl is a contemporary piece that’ll hold all your favorites in place neatly. Its open wires help let air flow through better so your fruit doesn’t spoil as quickly, giving you fresher fruit longer.


The Foyer

Fruit Loop Bowl

Display a bowl of fruit in the foyer so when guests arrive, they are greeted with a beautiful array of fresh and bright fruit. The Fruit Loop Bowl will bring sleek sophistication and contemporary flair to your entryway thanks to its modern design and chrome-plated steel wire material that really makes it look like a work of art.

The Living Room

WIRES Basket (large)

Put some fruit on a coffee table in the living room so people can not only admire the vibrant colors but also reach for a piece if they are hungry. The WIRES Basket is large enough to hold even those bigger fruits inside its chrome-plated steel frame. With its artistic look and elegance, your fruit will look amazing when displayed in this well-crafted item.


The Dining Room

Spiraled Spoke Satellite Bowl

Make a centerpiece on your dining room table and fill it with all different fruits. Choose seasonal fruits depending on the time of year, or if it is a holiday, pick fruits in festive colors to go with the occasion. The Spiraled Spoke Satellite Bowl is a true marvel in modern fruit presentation thanks to its black lacquered spokes that firmly keep the fruit in place while still making it an eye-catching display for your table.

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