Classic Meets Modern With This Postino Mailbox

What type of mailbox do you have at home? Certainly there is a way for mail to be delivered to you. Therefore, you are a participant in an American activity that is almost one hundred years old!

Truth is, as early as the 1880s the postal service was already encouraging people to attach mailboxes to their homes. In 1890 a postal commission reviewed nearly 600 mailbox designs looking for the one that would work best for the secure delivery of correspondence.

Early Mailbox

It wasn’t until 1916, however, that owning a mailbox became a must, because the Post Office estimated that mail carriers were losing nearly two hours each day waiting for homeowners to open the door.

The standards that the Post Office looked for in the submitted mailbox designs included:

  • Carriers should be able to deposit mail in them easily.
  • Boxes should be affordable and be able to stand bad weather.
  • Boxes should be “ornamental enough to please the householder.”
  • Boxes should be large enough to receive papers and envelopes.

Well, almost a hundred years later, Umbra has a mailbox that we believe fulfills every one of those requirements. Designed by Matt Carr, the Postino Mailbox is made of durable stainless steel that keeps mail safe in any type of weather, it is large enough to hold lots of paper, it has a hinged lid that can be easily opened by the mail carrier, and, last but not least, it’s beautiful whether in its stainless steel or its black powder finish.

umbra postino mailboxblomus postino mailbox
Looks like by owning a mailbox we are being part of tradition! And if that is the case, may as well do it in style!

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