Fall Color Trends in Your Home

Fall color trends do not only need to last for one season, and in fact are an excellent source of inspiration for interior design in the home. When most people think of autumn, orange immediately pops up in our heads. There are a lot of varieties and a wide spectrum that works in this color group.

Below are just a few options that are currently trending for you to explore if you are looking to spice up your living room with some fall colors!

brown living room

Dark Brown

A dark brown scheme in a living room can offer a classic and intimate setting. Consider using dark brown as the base color, but including a palette with lighter cream colors as well and perhaps a little pop of orange or red as well.

bright kitchen

Red, Orange, and Yellow

The living room and dining room area is great to have colors ranging from yellow to red. Remember that beyond the extremely bright colors, you can find pale yellows to deep crimson. Just look at the leaves outside for inspiration. You may want to even incorporate some greens and browns into the mix as well.

purple room


Plum is a color that can be perfect for any situation, from the living room to the bedroom. The dark hues make it a great warm color to have in cooler seasons, and pairs well with a cream color base as well. Plum is great to use for a classic look, but depending on materials and fabric, it can be added in for a modern touch as well.

red interior design

Rich Red

For an art deco look, try a rich red theme for your living room or dining room. Dark reds are great for wallpapers and fabrics such as curtains or couch covers. To ensure that it is not too overwhelming, stick with neutral colors as your accents.

fall decor

Dark Neutrals

If the more gaudy colors of plum and deep reds are not your style, perhaps you want to stick to a dark neutral color theme. From creams to browns, you have many options to choose from, and they great thing about more neutral tones are it can be as calm or as crazy as you want to make it!

red and gold decor

Red and Gold

Red and gold are the perfect pairing, and whether you are a fan of flashing gold or not, you can subtly add in gold hues through lighting and smaller accents in furniture or accessories. Perhaps you will choose to have a base of cream or brown and only use red and gold as an accent color.

The above should serve as an inspiration to get you started in realizing just what a variety of fall colors there are and how much you can express yourself in your own home!

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