Fall-Inspired Outdoor Decor

Even though the crisp air of fall can be a little chilly, it can still be heartwarming to be outside with a warm fire to keep you warm. Fall is the time where you enjoy your last days outside before winter hits. With the right decor, you will want to be going out into the yard all the time to enjoy some wine and friend’s company. Not only will you be reminiscent of those warm summer nights, you will also be making new memories as well.

Below are some items that will make your time outdoors in the fall that much more pleasant.


FUOCO Tabletop Firepit

A good fire pit can warm up anyone in close vicinity. This tabletop fire pit can burn up to two hours and is the perfect addition for any outdoor part. The solid black outer surface with its frost-proof pottery is a piece of artwork in itself, and also serves to hold the fire safely. The fire pit comes with an extinguisher that allows you to easily put out the fire whenever you wish.


LUMBRA Lantern

This sleek design of the old-fashioned lantern is a perfect addition to your home this fall. You can keep it outside until the wintertime and bring it in for a modern home decor as well, allowing the warm glow to come into your home just in time for the holidays. The warm candlelight it offers during the night is a nice balance to the white, sleek look it gives off during the day.


Viento Pinwheel

As winds pick up during fall time, this Pinwheel is a fun accessory to add to your garden or yard. Not only will you be able to track how fast the wind is going, the pinwheel standing over 27” will not be missed by your neighbors as well. It is made of stainless steel and is long-lasting throughout all the seasons. It also helps deter birds due to its reflective quality, so any garden plants or flowers you may have will be safe.


GREENS Round Planter on Wheels

Even though spring and summer are over, there are many plants that grow year-round and now is an excellent time to add them to your garden. This Round Planter on Wheels is both lightweight and mobile, allowing you to move in the planter whenever it does get too cold for them in the winter. From planting your own vegetables to just having a beautiful landscape, you can get creative with the placement with these re-arrangeable indoor or outdoor planters!

Your outdoor experience in the autumn will be greatly enhanced with the above items, and you will want to spend even more time outdoors in the beautiful fall weather!

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