Home Decor Inspiration from the September Birthstone: Sapphire

Sapphire is September’s birthstone and has long been treasured as a stone that brought blessings, protection, and beauty to the owner. Most sapphires will be blue, while some will contain hints of other colors such as green or purple.


Most people may not be that keen on investing in a sapphire for the month of September, however, there are plenty of ways of incorporating it into your life and home to have a month of blessings and beauty inspired by the precious sapphire.

Water Fountain Light Speakers

Boom2O Speakers

These speakers are no ordinary speakers. They are sound responsive to water and light and are a blast to have at any party. Each speaker comes with six multi-colored led lights, and on top of that it is USB powered so you can bring the party along with you wherever you go. The blue light and water reflects the idea of the sapphire.
Sagaform Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses by Sagaform

These sapphire-themed wine glasses are the perfect gift to give to someone who may have their birthday in September or to buy for your own home. Not only are they festive and offer a unique spin to the original wine glass, they are also made to be sturdier with the thick stem. This allows you party and not worry about breaking any wine glasses for the night.

Pentagonic Mirror

Pentagonic Lying Mirror

This mirror sparkles and lets off a reflection as beautiful as the sapphire, and is a wonderful piece to put up on the wall as a statement piece. The blurred lines make it hard to tell what the shape actually is, and it will reflect the colors of the surrounding world. You can also boast of its uniqueness, as it is handmade in Poland.

Chandelier Accessory Stand Jewelry Holder

Chandelier Jewelry Holder

In case you do decide to buy a piece of jewelry with sapphire in it, or already own some pieces, this delicate Accessory Stand is just the decor to match the sapphire or any other jewels. You can choose between a white or black stand, and can hang anything from earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The tray also offers a place for jewelry that cannot be hung. Since it is made of steel, it is strong and sturdy, but also well designed to offer a clean aesthetic to any bedroom or bathroom. The chandelier theme makes it look like a piece of fine jewelry itself.

Though it would be amazing to purchase a sapphire for the month of September, the above options may be more realistic, usable, and just as admirable within the home.

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