Inspiration from the October Flower: Marigold


Marigold is the perfect flower for October as its bright orange and reflects everything from popular pumpkins for Halloween to the leaves changing colors as they fall down to the ground. Marigold can be a difficult color to decorate your home with as the brightness can be intimidating. However, when done right, orange can be an excellent accent color that will make the room shine and inviting.

A general rule when deciding on any type of bright colors for a room is to follow the 60-30-10 Rule. This is simply the idea that the color scheme for a room is broken down in the percentages of 60% of a dominant color, 30% of a secondary color, and 10% as an accent color. This can be as creative as you wish to take it, but generally the 60% will be the color of the walls, 30% will be the upholstery colors, and the 10% are the accent pieces and extra pop of color.

When it comes to orange and any other similar louder accent colors, there are many ways to use it to accommodate what you want. Whether it is simply the 10% or the 60%, it is a refreshing color that can provide energy to a room.



When using orange simply as a accent, it can make the home feel modern and sleek. An excellent combination is to stick with monochromatic colors for everything else and only use orange very sparingly on what you want to be the center of attention. Adding a warm color such as orange to an otherwise monochromatic room really softens the room but still stays true to the minimalist design.



To really energize and brighten up a room, consider making 30% of your room orange. This can easily be done by adding in orange soft fabrics to curtains, rugs, and sofas. This is an excellent way to add color without being permanently attached to it as it can easily be switched out when seasons change. When the weather cools down and turns into winter, it can be nice to have a pop of energy to keep the spirits high in an otherwise grey day.



For a more permanent change to your home, you can opt for painting the walls orange or find an orange wallpaper design. When using orange as the primary color for your room, be sure to pick other accent colors that go well and do not take away from the orange color. You can also try adding in different shades of oranges and brown so that the general design is still in the same color scheme. This transformation can truly add personality and character to a room.

No matter if you choose to add in a little or splatter your home with orange, you will be sure to be energized and find it an inviting change for your home this fall!

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