End-of-Summer Inspired Items for the Home


Once Labor Day has pass, so does the end of summer season for most people. The changing from summer to autumn is a beautiful time and can be a great transitional period to bring in new additions to the home.

Celebrate the end of this summer with the following items for your home and bring in this fall with an extra boost of energy!

Highwave Coffee Tea Mug

Hotjo: A Clumsy Coffee-Lovers Dream

Whether you are going back to school for the fall or just want a refreshing change in your job, this Hotjo Coffee Cup can make your mornings run smoothly. As the weather changes, hot drinks will begin to replace the icy ones, and having this wide base travel mug with a rubber bottom will insure that you never spill another hot drink again.

Takeya Classic Water Bottle

Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle

As the weather changes, it can be easy to catch a cold, so it is important to stay properly hydrated. Not only is this Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle eco-friendly, it is also made of glass to eliminate any of the metallic and plastic tastes of many other bottles. Since the bottle has a silicone jacket, it provides a fine grip  so that the glass does not prove to be a problem.

Oasis Fireplace

Oasis Indoor Outdoor Bio-ethanol Fireplace

For those still looking to enjoy the last remaining days of summer, this Oasis Indoor Outdoor Bio-ethanol Fireplace is the perfect investment. It is small enough to easily carry in and out, and can be used throughout the year no matter the season. It is sleek and modern, made out of polished stainless steel, making it the perfect decoration for the yard or in the house. You can also easily add in any decorative stones, shells, or beads to the fireplace, as long as it is not flammable.

Summer turning into fall can be a nostalgic but exciting time as everything in nature is quickly changing. Going along with the flow and adding some helpful products into your life can be a great way to embrace the change into welcoming the new season!

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