Beach Inspired Decor for Your Home

For most people, one of the best things about summertime is being able to go to the beach. Whether you live close by to one or decided to take a weekend trip out, the beach is often equivalent to the nice weather that summer offers. Even though summer is quickly ending, you can still keep beach inspired decor in your home to have the good feelings of the ocean and sand between your toes year round.

Below are just a few ideas of how you can transform the beach into your home for a relaxing and comforting feeling.



The bathroom is a great place to be inspired by ocean blues and sandy browns. From color accents in towels and decor, having a beach-themed bathroom can provide a relaxing feel. Go a step further with the Spa Mare Room Fragrance. This aromatherapy scent offers a fresh ocean breeze and musk. Since it is mainly essential and natural oils, the scent will last longer, leaving your bathroom fresh and ready to go at all times.

Lumisource lamp


Having accessories in the bedroom that remind you of the beach is a great way to incorporate your good memories into your daily life. Whether these are seashells you have collected or photographs on the walls, there are plenty of ways for you to get creative. You can also look for pieces such as this Shell Table Lamp that are designed with the wave-like ocean in mind. The spiral shell lamp is beautiful when lit as the pattern will create a relaxing wave across the floor. It is also easily transported and can be moved around depending on your preference.

Peppermate Pepper Salt Mill Grinder

Dining Room

Keep the taste of the ocean with you in your dining room with fresh sea salt at all times. This PepperMate One-Handed Pepper and Salt Mill Set grinds peppercorns and gourmet salt with just the press of the button. You will be positive that the pepper and salt you get is always fresh and natural to keep the natural aromatic spice scent.

Sandpicture Deep Sea

Living Room

This Deep Sea Moving Sand Picture is ever changing and reminiscent of the ocean and the waves rolling up onto the beach. It is an interactive piece of art that invites you to come and shake it up to offer a new scenery. Not only will it be a topic of conversation for your guests, but also has a calming effect with the sand slowly moving through the glass.

Even though the ocean may seem miles away as summer comes to an end, it is easy to hold onto those good memories by incorporating them into your home. You will always have next summer to look forward to for new adventures by the sea!

Do you like the beach? Do you have any souvenirs on display at your home? We would love to hear from you, let us know in the comments below!


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