Functional Must-Haves for Party Hosting

It is not easy hosting a party and it is even more challenging to host a great party that gets your guests gushing about it afterwards. There always needs to be a delicate balance of food and drinks, organized fun time and time to socialize. As the host of the party, you should focus all your time during the party talking with guests and making sure everything is running smoothly.

To ease your mind, here are some exciting options that will brighten up your party automatically without you doing a thing!

Oasis Beverage Center

Oasis Beverage jar

A water station is a must-have at any party, but why not bring it up a notch with this Oasis Beverage Center. Not only is it a classy mason jar design, you can also put some slices of lemon or cucumber for both a nicer taste and appearance.

Esto Finger Food Set

Esto Finger Food Set

Finger foods are always a nice addition to any party. Whether you bring out some pre-ordered sushi or something simple like chips or salsa, your guests will be grateful for the gesture. The set comes with a tray as well as plates and bowls, making it the perfect option no matter what food you choose.

Rainbow Cocktail Tool

Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool

Bedazzle your guests and have them be impressed with your drink making skills by using this rainbow cocktail tool. If you have ever tried making one of these by yourself, you will appreciate this tool even more. Detailed instructions come with the purchase, but you simply poor the liquid ingredients based on heaviest to lightest. A rainbow cocktail will be a memorable experience to leave your guests.

4 Bottle LED Bar Caddy

Final Touch 4 Bottle LED Bar Caddy

To go along with the rainbow cocktails, this 4 Bottle LED Bar Caddy will complete your impressive bar. Keep the party going with a round of shots for everyone. This handy caddy not only keeps your bottles from leaking, it also measures out the perfect amount of liquid into the shot glass without spilling.

MENU Beer Foamer

MENU Beer Foamer

You will want to make sure that you have a good balance of cocktail and beer at your party. This MENU beer foamer is the icing on the cake to the already impressive home bar. The beer foamer will optimize the beer drinking experience by controlling the head of foam. Your guests will think you are an expert at pouring beer and you may just earn some extra points in their books.

The above appliances will help you get on your way to having the confidence to host the perfect party for your friends and family!

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