Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer Lounging

Summer is the perfect time to break out the lawn chairs and grill and get your backyard into tip-top shape. From getting a nice tan while reading a book to having a shady, cool area to relax at nights, your backyard can be a safe haven during the summer.

Here are some things you may want to consider getting this summer to make your experience even more memorable:

BOLA Floating Torch

Blomus Bola Torch

You may think that this ball of fire in your pond or pool is not a reality, but upon further realization will realize it is designed to float. You can always use it on a stand as a more normal torch as well. The Floating Torch has a burning time of ten hours, which means it is a perfect addition to long summer nights.

Viento Pinwheel

Blomus Pinwheel


This unique decor in your garden is the perfect addition to add some style to a modern look. The gentle wind will start it up and is a great entertainment to mindlessly watch while outside enjoying some fresh air. Try placing a few of these together in a row in your backyard to reference flower-like images.

AcraGlass Iced Tea Maker

Iced Tea Maker


A cool iced tea is one of the nicest things to cool down on in a hot summer day, and with the AcraGlass Iced Tea Maker, this is easier than ever. The container is also clear and leak-proof, making sure that no accidents will get in its way. The tea flavors is preserved and will be fresh as the lid is airtight. From sun brewing your tea to iced tea, this multi-useful container can brew loose leaf, flowering or bagged teas. Take this out in the yard with you while you sit out in the summer sun.


Greens Mister Water Spray



Plants will drain out quite quickly during the summer and may start looking like weeds. Instead of letting them die out before their time, use this handy dandy GREENS Mister to give your plants some extra water. The bottle itself is nicely designed to fit into any modern garden, and you will find it great to use on your indoor plants as well.

FUOCO Tabletop Firepit

Blomus Fuoco Gel Firepit

A perfect addition for any garden, the FUOCO Tabletop Firepit is a beautifully designed place where you can burn fire for up to two hours. This is an excellent way to have hints of a summer bonfire without going all out with the ashes and smokey smell. The frost-proof pottery is unique so that it will work with the rest of your garden. The coziness and warm feeling the fire will offer is perfect for summer nights with guests and loved ones alike.

Are you excited for summer to come? Have you prepared your backyard yet? We would love to know any ideas you may have for your home!


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