Euro is Down! Europe Travel This Summer


If you were waiting for your big Euro Trip, this summer may be the time for you to start planning a visit!

The United States’ economy is currently in a better shape than the European economy, and we do not yet know how long this will last. This means you should take advantage of the opportunity now as no one knows how long this good fortune will last. The Euro has been its lowest since 2006, which means that those using the U.S Dollar will be saving much more than even just last year.

How does this apply for you if you are planning a trip?

The money you will be saving on necessities such as airplane tickets, hotels, and food can be spent on enticing accessories like tickets to museums and souvenirs.

Here are three European cities that will inspire you to start looking for plane tickets to Europe today.

Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Not only is this a cheap city to fly into from major airports in New York and Chicago, Copenhagen is also a world-class European city with plenty to offer the tourist. Whether you are interested in the royal history or its fine sense of design, Copenhagen is the perfect city to visit. Noted to be one of the more expensive cities, now is an excellent time to take advantage of visiting.

Not as over-travelled as Amsterdam but still offering equally attractive activities and sights, Copenhagen may be the perfect answer for your European holiday.

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona, Spain

As one of Europe’s more popular cities, Barcelona is full of exciting architecture, food, and nightlife. According to Orbitz, hotel rates compared from 2014 and 2015 in Barcelona are down, meaning now is an excellent time to be traveling to Barcelona.

Whether you are a Picasso or Gaudi fan, or want to watch a football match, Barcelona is bursting with exciting activities for all interests.

Paris France

Paris, France

A must-see for any Eurotrip, not only are airplane tickets flying to Paris an average of 10% cheaper than before, so are hotel rates. There is no better time to book your tickets than now!

As a cosmopolitan capital of the world, Paris hardly needs any more explanation of why you need to visit. From art and culture to fashion, food and design, a trip to Paris can be exactly the inspiration you need.

What are your plans for this summer? Have you been to Europe before? Share in the comments below!

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