Some Animal Inspiration for the Home

Spring is in the air! If you are like me, you may have noticed more birds chirping and squirrels running around your yard. Spring is such a beautiful time with all the flowers blooming, and with that delicate creatures such as butterflies and little ducklings are out and about.

Animals are such a great inspiration to pull from as they are fun and cute and add a touch of energy to the home. Below are just some ways you can add animal inspired decor into your home, bathroom, kitchen or garden.


Mariposa Wall Decor

Mariposa Wall Decor

Let butterflies flutter around your walls with these butterfly decals. Perfect for a child or adult’s room, these elegant and white butterflies will fit in with any wall color or accessory.

Birdseye Hook

Birdseye 10 Hook

This cute bird-themed hook is subtle yet useful. Whether you hang it in your room or bathroom, it will serve a purpose. The installation for this is easy as well as it simply hangs over a pre-existing door.

Chrome Ring Holder

Chrome Ring Holder

Keeping track of your rings can be annoying, but with these cute Chrome Ring Holders , you can effortlessly always have a home for your most precious jewels. These tiny silver animals include a cat, elephant, giraffe, and rabbit. Whether you buy one for yourself and another for a gift, you will have some use for these tiny trinkets.


Bird Shower Caddy

Bird Bath Shower Caddy

What better way to start out your day than in a shower with these charming little birds. This shower caddy fits nicely onto your shower head and will hold all your cleaning necessities. It is especially designed for larger bottles, upside down bottles, places for your razors and hooks for washcloths or loofahs.

You may even be inspired to start singing along with the birds during your shower.


Chirp napkin holder

Chirp Metal Napkin Holder

This delicate napkin holder is simple but a useful necessity in the home. The tiny birds will make your table come alive and add character to an otherwise boring household item. It even comes with two slots for different napkin sizes so that you do not have to struggle with finding the right size yourself.

Chickie Cream and Sugar Set

Chickie Cream and Sugar Set

Whether you need a pick-me-up for breakfast or during the day, this chickie cream and sugar set will be sure to do the trick to put a smile on your face with your coffee or tea. You can now be sure that your cream and sugar will be in one place, allowing you to focus on work productivity instead!

Dr.Bird Juicer

Dr. Bird Juicer 

Making sure you are healthy this spring during allergy season has never been easier with the Dr. Bird Juicer. This juice extractor allows you to have fresh juice at all times, and gives you the vitamin C you need to keep your immune system strong.


Fuera Bird Bath and Feeder


FUERA Bird Feeder 

What better way to incorporate the animal theme into your garden by attracting real life birds? This FUERA Bird Feeder is elegant in design and can switch from a feeder to a bath simply by turning the stainless steel cover upside down. Your garden will be a nature attraction and you will have the luxury of listening to the birds sing right outside your house!

These are just some fun and simple ways to add a little animal love into your home. What do you think of these products? Would you incorporate any in your home this spring? We would love to hear from you in the comments!


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