May Favorites: 5 Items for the Home

New products are always coming in at Home Clever and this month is no exception. Whether you are looking to purchase a gift for an upcoming birthday, or are looking to spice up your home, here are some favorite products of the month that you will be sure to enjoy!

Areaware iPhone Alarm Dock

Alarm Dock for iPhone 5

This alarm dock references the GE flip clocks of decades ago in their clean and wooden design. You can simply download a flip clock app and place your phone onto the dock. It charges your phone while it is in the dock and is perfect to use as an alarm clock. It is both a celebration and critique on modern technology and will be sure to be a conversation starter for guests.

High and Dry Dish Drainer

High & Dry Dish Drainer

A well-designed product can transform what otherwise may seem like mundane tasks to a productive place. What otherwise may be a hassle in other dish-drying products, this dish drainer features designed areas for your plates, bowls, cups, and silverware. It also has a tray on the bottom that collects dripping water, and easily comes off to wash.

Tubo Organizer

Tubo Acrylic Organizer

A clean counter top can be key to feeling relaxed and ready to work. In the bathroom, this could mean a better start and finish of the day. In the office, it may mean more work gets done. Sometimes all you need is a simple organizer to make the rest of the counterspace clean and spotless. The Tubo Acrylic Organizer does just that, and is aesthetically pleasing with a clear acrylic material. You can also use this in the office for pens and pencils.

Philippi Perfume Atomizer

Philippi Ellipse Perfume Atomizer

Sometimes all we need in the middle of the day is a fragrant pick-me-up. Whether you keep this in your bathroom or in your purse at all times, this Ellipse Perfume Atomizer allows you to spray your favorite sent whenever you need it. It comes with a sleek velvet bag and also has an easy refill pipette.

This is an excellent gift for your co-workers, friends and loved ones!

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispenser Combo

Soap dispensers are not only eco-friendly, allowing you to refill over and over without throwing away plastic, they can also be an excellent subtle accessory. This modern, curve design designed by Nine Stars is made to hold any liquid from soap and shampoo in the bathroom to dish washing detergent in the kitchen.

The best thing about it is you can just place your hands near the motion sensor and soap will automatically come out. This is great if you have many people circulating your home and want to minimize the germs and stay hygienic in a fashionable way.

Would you get any of these products for your home or as a gift? Let us know your favorite one in the comments below!

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