Emerald Inspiration for the Home


Emerald green is a tricky color to use in the home, as it is bold and vibrant to make a statement and may seem hard to match with other colors. However, when used correctly, emerald green lights up a room and can be the perfect accent. Emerald was officially the color of the year in 2013, according to color corporation Pantone. And though it is 2015, emerald has not lost its touch.

Not only is emerald green the official birthstone color of May, it also is an excellent color to incorporate into the home to get ready for summer.  According to Director of Interior Design, Taylor Hackford, on using emerald green, “Green walls create a cool, dark refuge from the unbearable hot summers.”

If you are trying to cool your rooms and add a refreshing look, you may want to consider emerald green as a color on the palette. Here are some tricks when using emerald green for designing your home:


Small Spaces

In smaller spaces, using one bright color can be a good way to go, and will not seem overwhelming. Perhaps you have a bathroom or study space that you could try painting the walls. If you already have a lot of accessories, having crowded items can allow the room to have a cozy feeling.

To avoid a clash of colors, try using white or silver accessories for the rest of your room. For example, in a bathroom you could opt for the CASA Waste Bin or the MENOTO Towel Stand.


Shades of Emerald

If you do want to decorate a larger room with emerald accents, consider using different shades. Anywhere from a dark forest green to light yellow-greens would go well with a more “traditional” emerald color. Blues and yellows also work well. This way you may not feel as overwhelmed with a whole room.

Try focusing on finding green accessories that you can switch out such as pillow covers, sheets, silverware and dining ware. This way you can always have the extra colors when you want it.


Smaller Accents

Transforming a whole room into a green paradise may not be on everyone’s priority list. However, adding some green accents can be an excellent way to bring a cool, refreshing look to your home going into summer. Whether you add in some live plants or opt for green accessories such as this green Z-Bar Mini LED Desk Lamp, the subtle colors may be exactly what you need for your room.

What do you think of the emerald green? Would you decorate your home with this color? Let us know in the comments below!

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