Celebrating Bike Month in May

bike month

Did you know that May is the official celebration of “Bike Month”? If you are located near cities that focus on bike transportation, you may already have plans to celebrate Bike Week. Even if you have never heard of this, perhaps  this is motivation you need to start riding your bike.

There are so many benefits to biking and May is an excellent time to start exercising as the weather is just perfect to being outside. There are countless reasons why you might decide to switch to riding a bike, and if you are not yet convinced, here are some of the top reasons people choose to ride their bikes as their main means of transportation or just around their neighborhood.



While many people will ride bikes as an intensive sport, even riding your bike a short time each day can be a good workout. Instead of driving to the gym to workout, you can kill two birds with one stone, by riding your bike to work.

Make sure if you are riding for a longer time that you are prepared with water and the right attire. Some water bottles that are sustainable and you can continue to reuse are the Classic Glass Water Bottle and the CAPSULE Water Carafe . Even though the Classic Glass Water Bottle is completely made of glass, it has a silicon jacket that makes it perfect for maintaining the water temperature and for it not to slide out of your hands.

bike station


In the United States, our cities are built around the concept of the car, but this is slowly starting to change. Riding a bike is better for our environment as it allows for less traffic and less use of a car, which multiplied over brings pollution to our cities. It really is up to each individual to make  a change, and by riding your bike, you are helping the air around us stay clean.


Saves Money

Biking saves money in countless ways. Not only is the initial investment of a bike much cheaper than a car, you will not have to worry about gas or parking prices. Many companies also offer incentives to employees who commute to work by bike. Ask your employer if they are participating in the Bicycle Commuter Benefit. If not, it may be up to you to bring awareness to your company to encourage others to ride bikes.

Biking in the rain, par Franck Vervial


Many people will simply ride bikes for enjoyment. There is something about riding a bike that makes you feel like a child again, with the wind blowing in your face. Perhaps it is because when we are active, we not only increase our productivity and energy, we also feel happier. This is because exercise releases dopamine, a chemical that works to bring feelings of pleasure and happiness, into our brain.

Do you have a bike? Are you riding it to work? Let us know in the comments below!


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