Getting Ready for Memorial Weekend!


Memorial Weekend is coming up at the end of the month and is always something to look forward to with the extra day of the weekend. Even though historically it is meant to commemorate the men and women who died in military service for the United States, it is also seen as the official start of summer.

The essence of Memorial Weekend is to appreciate what those who are in the service do for the United States, and to spend time with family and friends. If you are like most people, you have probably already planned a family gathering, going out of town, or a picnic at the local park. It is also the start of when it is “officially” (according to the fashion conscious) acceptable to wear white clothing.

Here are some items to prepare you to have the best Memorial Day!


Aluminum Travel Set

If you are taking the weekend and are planning to travel far by plane, this aluminum travel set might be the perfect thing to get. The bottles are according to TSA carry-on standard, and include two pump bottles, one spray bottle, and one twist-top bottle to fit anything from shampoo to lotion.


WIRES Bottle Carrier

This is the perfect thing to bring on a family trip to the beach or park for a picnic. It is important to always stay hydrated, especially as the weather warms up, and this will make it quite easy to do so. It is made of stainless steel and is perfect as you can keep using it for the rest of the summer.


Double Wall Ice Bucket 

Whether you decide to host a Memorial Day party in your home or go out and celebrate the nice weather, this Double Wall Ice Bucket will keep your ice cool for a long time no matter if you are inside or outside. You can also conveniently use it as a cooler to chill your champagne, wine, or any other beverage simply by flipping the lid. It also comes with a matching stainless steel ice scoop that fits right into the attached holder so that getting ice will never be a challenge again.


Inset Salad Servers

These cleverly designed salad servers are perfect for a Memorial day party. They easily can fit in your bags for an outdoor picnic, and will match perfectly with any dining room table. They are also a great conversation starter and will give your guests a laugh.

Do you have any plans this Memorial Weekend? Let us know what you are doing in the comments below!

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