Celebrating National Barbecue Month


It is officially National Barbecue Month all of May and it is time for you to get your grill out and enjoy a barbecue in the pleasant weather. Perhaps National Barbecue Month came as a way to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, but do we really need an excuse to eat barbecued foods?

Here are some ways you can celebrate National Barbecue Month with your family and friends.


Food Variety

Barbecued food does not only mean heavy meats. If you are vegetarian or want to eat healthy, grilling vegetables taste equally delicious. Try adding some color with peppers, zucchini, and onions.

Whether you want to barbecue of Sunday brunch or a weekday dinner, a barbecue is excellent any time of day. Make sure you are equipped with the right cooking gear, including skewers, griddles and rotisseries.

Think about adding other foods as well including cole slaw, corn, baked beans, and perhaps pair it with a salad as it is also National Salad Month.


Sauces and Spices

Half of the tastiness of barbecues are from the sauces and herbs to give it taste. Try using this handy Garlic Twist to slice, dice, or mince your garlic. This simple tool can also work with ginger, onions, and peppers and is a great way to look a super chef to those around you.



Perhaps you can just host a dessert party with s’mores or grilled bananas. This will be a blast if you have children involved, but all parties will appreciate a tasty sweetness for the night. It is also a great way to host guests without being as overwhelmed as a full meal.



A potluck is a great way to celebrate National Barbecue Month, and you can use this as an excuse to invite friends and family over to play outdoor games and get together. Some essentials for party hosting include a Beverage Server , such as this convenient OASIS Beverage Server, which allows you to elegantly display your sweet tea, lemonade, or ice cold water.

Outdoor Setting

As your barbecue will most likely be happening outside in your yard, you want to make sure your yard is equipped to handle large groups of people. For example, if the party is happening later at night, The Outdoor Lawn TiKi Stainless Steel Torch may be a good investment, as it can not only act as a decoration, but also allow your yard to be lit up during your event.

Do you love barbecued foods? Will you celebrate National Barbecue Month in May? What do you plan to make? Let us know in the comments below!

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