Bring Out the Wildflowers! National Wildflower Week Inspiration


The second week of May is officially National Wildflower Week in the United States and there are many ways to celebrate. First, a little background on why National Wildflower Week came about:

Lady Bird Johnson started this initiative as a way to celebrate the wildflowers that grow throughout or nation from highways to gardens. They seemingly are an accidental feature, but wildflowers have a huge importance in conserving water, providing natural habitats for birds and butterflies, and protects the soil it grows on from erosion.

Many local botanical gardens or garden centers may have special events during this week to celebrate the wildflowers, but even if you cannot find somewhere to participate close by, there are plenty of ways you can be active within your home and community. Following are some ways to celebrate the beauty of National Wildflower Week!


Improving your own garden:

Wildflowers are an excellent way to add some natural life into your home and build a whole working ecosystem. Some accessories to help with this process includes the VERDO Watering Can and Herb Pot Duo. Even if you do like a nice grassy lawn, try and see if you can make it wildflower friendly. Wildflower conservation takes minimal effort, but can be a little push to do your part in helping our earth!


Recycling in Your Home: 

You may be wondering how recycling has anything to do with protecting the wildflower habitat. If you think about it though, the amount of trash that ends up in a landfill could be used for supporting plant life. The less landfills there are, the cleaner our planet is. Consider using a reusable soap dispenser or designated trash cans for paper, plastic and cans, so that you can mindlessly recycle.


Going for a Hike: 

An excellent way to understand more about your local habitat and to appreciate the local wildflowers in your area is to go for a hike. Whether this is a mountain or simply a field or botanical garden, take your camera and snap a few shots to share with your family and friends. As the weather transitions from spring to summer, make sure you stay hydrated with an eco-friendly water bottle such as the Glass Water Bottle with Stopper or this CAPSULE Water Carafe. Both options will keep your water nice and cool so that you are always staying refreshed.

Donating Time or Money: 

Perhaps you can offer a few hours a week to volunteer at a local garden, park, or nature center. Many local parks will have maintenance costs and even a small amount can go a long way. The work that the wildflowers do for us without us realizing is huge and it is great to give back in any way we can!

Are you celebrating National Wildflower Week? Do you have any suggestions of other things to do? Let us know in the comments below!


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