Mother’s Day: A Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is fast approaching and if you have not already decided what to get your mother, now is the time to get something! If your mother is anything like mine, there is a careful balance of buying her something that is both practical yet thoughtful and appealing.

Below are just a few gift ideas that your mother may find quirky and interesting while being able to use it for years to come.

MoMA Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Calendar

Give this to your mom as a tribute to all the moms out there who spent much of their lives as a parent keeping track of appointments, special dates, and everything else required to raise a child.

Though it may look like an ordinary clock, this Perpetual Calendar designed by MoMa is actually a way to keep the passage of days, months, and years. It can both hang on the wall or sit by itself as an art statement.

Chalkboard Wall Clock

Chalkboard Wall Clock

Even the best of moms may forget things every now and then. This Chalkboard Wall Clock is the perfect way to tell time but also to write little messages. Be creative and write or draw a Mother’s Day card onto the chalkboard before giving this gift to your mom.

Clamp Canister Set

Clamp Canister Set

If your mom likes cooking or simply being organized, the clamp canister set will be a gift from above. They are made of stainless steel and are not only sealed tight but also will match any other kitchen appliances. Fill these up with your mom’s favorite candy or chocolate and have a hidden message inside one of them to personalize the gift.


Egglings – Mini Herbs

These cute little egglings are the perfect gift to give! Not only do they look adorable, they also are practical for the kitchen. Plants are a relaxing and great addition to any room, and your mom will appreciate the gesture. You can choose from fresh basil or mint egglings, and these indoor plants can stay right next to your mom as she cooks, reminding her of you.

Hillhouse Naturals Citrus No.7

No. 7 Hand Wash and Hand Lotion

A great gift for any lady, this No.7 set of Hand Wash and Hand Lotion is perfect for your mom. Made by Hillhouse Naturals, some of the ingredients include kumquat, fresh woods, jojoba oil and sunflower oil. This set will keep your mom’s hands nice and soft with the essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and other nutrients that are perfect for the skin. The scent is refreshing and not overwhelming, and will leave a citrus smell in the air.

Have you already decided what you are getting your mom for mother’s day? Would you try any of the above gifts for your mother? Let us know in there comments below!

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