A Little Diamond Inspiration

diamondsWho doesn’t love the glistening, sharp, beauty of an elegant, clean-cut diamond?

Diamonds symbolize romance, class and style, and it is not nicknamed the “Forever Stone” for no reason. It is the most precious gem in the world depending on carat weight, color, clarity and cut.

The diamond is an excellent place to draw resource from for home design. The clean appearance it gives off allows for a modern aesthetic. Legend also has it that the diamond creates positive energies within an individual and can help a space feel warm and welcoming.

Whether you are looking to purchase some diamond-themed housewares for yourself or as a house warming gift to the next party you go to, here are some top items to take a look at:

Crinkle tissue dispenser


MURO Mirror: Mirrors are the perfect way to make your room look more spacious and allows extra light to bounce off of it. The MURO mirror can hang horizontally or vertically and is the perfect addition to any room to offer a glistening, diamond effect.

Crinkle Tissue Dispenser: This tissue dispenser has the resemblance of a rough cut diamond. Not only is it practical, this designer item doubles as a tasteful decoration as well.

Veil Trash Can: Even if what is going inside is trash, this Veil trash can does exactly what the name suggests. It is a trash can that is classy and sleek, and can make the whole room feel sophisticated.

Block Tealight Holders


Cube Tea Light Holder: This glass cube tea light holder is an excellent housewarming gift to present to friends and family. It is also the perfect accessory to put in your bathroom. The glass around the candle reflects the warm light and automatically can change the mood of a room.

Primo Soap Dispenser: This stainless steel soap dispenser is not only long-lasting like the diamond, but also is easy to use with a removable top. Even though its usage may seem boring, it will add a quiet touch to the overall look of a clean, modern bathroom.

Sagaform Cupa Rocks Glasses

Kitchen and Dining

EASY Double-walled Bottle Cooler: Whether you often host parties or simply like having cold drinks, you should consider this Bottle Cooler. It is as strong as a diamond with a double-walled feature to allow your drinks to be chilled hours longer than a normal drink cooler. Not only is this a classy addition to your kitchen, you can also bring it out to picnics or a garden during the summers.

Cupa Rocks Hand Blown Glasses: These innovative glasses allows your drink to rotate and will be the subject of conversation all night long. These bright, diamond-esque glasses are attractive and clean and are perfect for a night in with some nice liquor.

CUSI Paper Towel Holder: If you are looking for a more practical item, this paper towel holder is the perfect kitchen accessory. Paper towels are something you frequently use, and the CUSI paper towel makes this convenient by allowing each sheet to rip easily off. It transforms the paper towel into a classy and tasteful decoration similar to the majestic diamond that is transformed from a rock.

Whether you choose to mix and match several of the items or go with one for each room, you will find bringing the diamond vibes into your home is quite simple.

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