Add Some Sweet Pea Into Your Life

Sweet Pea Flowers

Sweet pea is one of the two official flowers for April and symbolizes pleasure and gratefulness. Sweet pea flowers are also used to signify goodbyes. In a time where spring cleaning may be necessary for your home, use this month to say goodbye to unused items or worn things lying around the house.

The bright pink and purple shades of sweet pea make it an excellent choice when adding hues of color into your home this spring.

block torpedo vase

The obvious way to bring spring into your home is to buy sweet pea flowers and place them in a clear, glass vase like this Torpedo Vase. If this is not enough for you, here are some other ways to bring a little sweet pea into your life.


Sweet Pea Candle

The sweet pea scent is popular in candles, lotions, bath wash, hand soap, etc. The scent itself can transform any room into a relaxing place where you can enjoy yourself. A candle holder such as the CINO Aromatherapy Burner allows you leave it in any place without any safety concerns, as well as accentuating the pleasant scents.

Living Room Decor


Shades of pink and purple are excellent colors for springtime. Consider simple purchases such as a table cloth, pillowcase covers, or other little ways that you can add in some sweet pea into your home.

If pink or purple are not your color and you are not sure it will go well with the rest of your home decor, consider adding in some light green to reflect the sweet pea. The light greens of the pea go well with the pink.

Sweet Pea

In the Kitchen 

A delicate centerpiece can transform your dining room and bring spring life into the kitchen.

Even though sweet pea flowers end up growing into light green peas, do not confuse them with the edible pea, as the lovely sweat peas are toxic. However, adding in some edible peas to your diet is a great way to celebrate the sweet pea this spring.

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