5 Steps to a Stress-Free Home for Stress Awareness Month

April is officially Stress Awareness Month, and if you are like most people, you will have felt stress in some aspect of your personal or work life. According to recent research, by the American Psychological Association, over 83 percent of American workers are stressed and people between the ages of 18 to 33 years old have the highest average level of stress.

Not only is it not fun to be stressed out, it can significantly impact your health and relationships. Take this month as a chance to move towards a stress-free life. Our homes are where we come back to from a long day of work, and should be a place where you feel comfortable to relax and restore yourself.

Here are five steps to make your home a comfortable and stress-free environment.

1. Designate One Area to be Stress-Free

Boho relaxation corner

Let one place in your home be your “happy zone”. If you cannot designate a room, just start out with one little corner. Perhaps this is a place with some of your favorite photos or memories, or simply a time for you to relax and read a book for a few minutes. You probably already know what makes you happy, so try to get to this point every day.

2. Make Your Rooms Clutter-Free

clutter free room

Getting rid of unnecessary things in your home will open and brighten up your room. Take this time to do a nice spring cleaning of things you can get rid of. Having your rooms neat and precise will brighten up your mood. On the same side, reserve a spot in your home that can be messy. This is where you should put things you may not have dealt with yet like to-do lists and bills so that they are separated from the rest of your home.

3. Bring Some Plants and Flowers in Your Room

Blossom Vase

It is no secret that having fresh flowers or plants to look at in a room can help lighten up your mood. Studies have even shown that greenery can help ease stress in hospital patients and office workers.

4. Focus on Bright Colors

colorful living room

 Try incorporating some bright accent colors into your room. Even if these are just little additions of bright yellow or orange, having these colors around you can help. Studies in color therapy also show that blues are an excellent choice in color to produce a relaxing feel.

5. Use a Timer for Tasks

Areaware Alarm Dock for iPhone

Set an alarm or have a clock close by to help keep you on track for tasks that may stress you out otherwise. Sometimes, doing tedious chores can become a huge stress in the home. Knowing there is an end can help keep you on track and in a lighter mood.

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