How To Use The March Birthstone Color Aquamarine In Your Home

Aquamarine is the birthstone color for March and has a vibrant, rich color that matches the springtime feel. It is the perfect color to accent your home in as you get ready for the flowers to blossom. Aquamarine is also great because the color can range from light to dark and you can mix and match.

Here a few ways you can bring the March birthstone color into your home.

Living Room     

Living Room

Aquamarine brightens up your living room and makes it an excellent place to entertain guests and family. An easy way to add this month’s birthstone color to your home is through changing the pillow coverings or adding a rug and curtains.

Aurora Borealis Sand Picture Movie Small

You can also focus on wall and table decorations such as picture frames, or this Aurora Borealis themed Sand Picture Movie. It is not only relaxing but will help your home feel sophisticated.


Spring Color Kitchen

Brighten up your kitchen with shades of blue as well. Aquamarine was chosen for the birthstone color of March because it invoked positive feelings. Your kitchen is a space where you want to feel happy and connected in, and aquamarine is the perfect color to help. You can choose to paint your walls or furniture aquamarine for a larger DIY project. Smaller changes you can make include buying blue kitchen appliances and kitchenware. Aquamarine is a color you can have in your kitchen all year round and will not grow old after spring is over. Even in the winter, it will be a cheery reminder of the season that is yet to come.

JoeMo XL Travel Mug

This JOEmoXL is an aquamarine coffee mug that you can leave in your kitchen or bring along with you to work. The 16 ounce coffee thermos has an insulated tumbler and is considered one of the best travel mugs in Europe based on a top consumer magazine. With the JOEmoXL, you can share your love for the March birthstone color with your coworkers.

Bedroom and Bathroom

Spring Blue Bedroom

An aquamarine themed bedroom or bathroom is popular to have as it can invoke seaside memories and dreams. The color is relaxing and peaceful and is an excellent choice for bedtime and bathroom decor. The brightness of the color also makes for a good mood at all times. If you are hesitant about adding aquamarine to your bedroom, you can start with smaller appliances such as this Emu LED desk lamp or some teal candles to bring in a fresh scent as well.

Emu Light Desk Lamp


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