5 Interior Design Trends To Look Out For In 2015

The first few months of the year are the perfect time to spice up your home with a new, fresh look. Interior design trends will come and go over the years, and you want to make sure you are not holding on to things in your home that you should be letting go. Now is the time to get rid of some of those old pieces and bring in the new interior design trends of 2015.

Of course, in the end, what will really matter is how you feel in your house. However, here are five tips for you to look out for when redesigning the interior of your home.

Blue Stays Popular

Blue WallpaperBlue was a popular color in 2014, and it is here to stay this year. From every shade of turquoise to indigo, you can add in some blue to your home. All the shades of blue work for any season of the year.

Blue roomIf you are not committed to a complete transformation of walls and furniture, you can first start out with some accent colors in decorations. The color blue is relaxing and perfect for the living room or bedroom.

Smoky Replaces Clear Glass

Smokey GlassClear glass has always been popular around the house, whether it be in mirrors or glass doors. However, in 2015, smoky glass is in to offer an extra touch to the normal material. Kelly Wearstler, a Los Angeles designer, says that the smoked glass can bring to the home “a tension between raw and refined, masculine and feminine.”

Mixing Metals

Mixing gold and silver metals can add a nice touch to the interior of your home in 2015. Even though this is slightly risky at times, when done well, can bring a stylish option.

Umbra Metalla Can

Start out with smaller household items, such as this Metalla Can, before moving to larger, centerpieces in your home.

Modern Elements

modern mid-century

Modern elements will continue to stay in 2015. This is seen in the continued rise of modern architecture, but will also make its way into the home through furniture.

Cupecoy Sunburst Wall Clock

Mid-century modern furniture is an excellent place to draw your inspiration from, but do not let it overwhelm your home. Try a modern twist on retro like this Sunburst wall clock by Cupecoy design.

Statement Lights

Z-Bar Mini Lamps

Using a light fixture as a statement piece for your living room or bedroom will continue to be popular in 2015. Using some of the advice from above can help, whether you choose to mix and match for a metallic fixture or add in some hints of blue. Even a small desk lamp such as this Z-Bar Mini LED Desk Lamp, can add personality and character to your room.

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