Decorating Your Home for Valentine’s Day  

Bring on the hearts and flowers this February as you prepare for Valentine’s Day. Even if you do not have a significant other, Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to spend treasuring other loved ones in our lives such as our friends and family. Here are a few tips to get you started on preparing your home with decorations for Valentine’s Day!


Color Palette

Most people will automatically think of Valentine’s Day as using reds and pinks. However, you can also try going with a more subtle color as the main color with a few accents of pinks and reds added. Adding in some purple and light shades of yellow, green or blue also work well. Having the majority of your colors be white or off-white may work better with your current décor. It will also add a level of class that is far less cheesy than plastering your home with pink and red decorations.

valentine decor
garland valentine decor

DIY glitter candles

Romantic Subtleties

Add some romantic nuances to your home if you are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with a loved one. It can be as simple as adding photographs of you and your loved one to hang on your wall, or cutting out hearts for a DIY projects with sweet messages to each other. There are plenty of ways you can be creative and personal to your significant other.

valentine banner

Valentine decor

valentines day romantic

DIY valentine jars

Some Other Ideas include:

Adding roses or carnations into a clear vase such as this Torpedo Vase.


Fill a jar with colorful Valentine’s Day candies and messages and place it in your kitchen or living room for everyone to enjoy.


Changing your pillow coverings to pink or red. You may even find cheap heart shaped pillows that you can use.

Creativity is king pillw
Out of Focus

Focus on soft lighting for your bedroom. Buy a few candle holders to place around your bathroom or bedroom. This Tea Light Holder from Block design is both elegant and classy.


Scattering rose petals on a living room table, dining table, or nightstand as a center piece.


These simple color and romantic accents will have you in the mood for Valentine’s Day all month long!

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