Halloween Wonderland: 5 DIY Entrance Decorations

It’s that time of the year again folks… October, a time when all the holiday madness begins and when most people go insane, starting with me. We will kick it off with one of my old time favorites, Halloween. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like Halloween?  It’s the only time out of the entire year when you can be anyone you want and not necessarily get judged for it.  Halloween to me is like a huge carnival…magical with lots of uncertainty.  If you “celebrate” it, why not turn your home into a magical wonderland?  Let’s get spooky with it, shall we?

Halloween is all about setting a scene.  Why not greet your trick or treaters with this fabulous front door decor? It’s cheap, fun and easy to do!  Grab a few pumpkins, electric drill, bunch of votives, black owls or bats and voila!

Small-pumpkins-rack-message-GTL1005-deIf the other idea isn’t working for you, try this one.  For a killer entrance, perch ravens on bare branches with pumpkins as their base and you will have one super spooktacular scene!  Let’s face it… Halloween without pumpkins is no Halloween at all.

halloween-decorations-pumpkins-ravens-1007-lgnNext, create a Wicked Window by using candlelight to create dark shadows in the corners. Here, the ghostly white tapers in a flea market candelabra enhance the creepiness of cobwebs and flying bats.


We all love pumpkins, but come on… when it comes to Halloween, things can get pretty messy around the house, especially with your little ones running around!  Not to mention, you don’t want anyone to get hurt while carving a pumpkin, no matter what the end result may be. These following ideas are perfect for creating fun and festive pumpkins at low costs and low mess guaranteed.

These adorable…correction, spooky vases do require a knife, but the celestial designs come courtesy of a spoon, not torturous slicing and dicing. Cut off the top of the pumpkin, and remove the innards, aka the nasty guts. Spray-paint the rind a matte black and let dry. Use a spoon handle to scratch away paint to create stars, moons, and spirals. Add water and blooms.

halloween-pumpkins-paint-s3-vrIi2T-large_newInstead of the usual haunts, why not group pumpkins in a less-expected locale, like an unused fireplace? This idea is adorable, safe and easy to do, plus you can make it even more spookful if you want to.

halloween-pumpkins-decorating-s3-Jeo3sj-large_newHalloween depends on your own personal taste and you can never go wrong with your own creativity! Take these ideas and make them your own. Keep Calm and Spook On!

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