Serve Your Light Meals In Style With These Products

Sometimes you just don’t feel like a big meal. Sometimes a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, and a few munchies – cheese, crackers, olives, cookies – will do the trick. For those evenings, you want to have the correct dishes so that your light dinner can taste and look delicious.

Just in the mood for some olives, nuts, or crackers? The j-me Nibble Coaster will work perfectly. It has a compartment to serve whatever you feel like eating and at the same time it will work as a coaster for your drink.


Olives are delicious, but you don’t want their vinegar to spill over your other foods. The Blomus UTILO Olive Spoon Set will make sure they are served properly. You think you can do the same with any old spoon? Not! These spoons are designed to drain the liquid from the olives prior to serving!


Have some fancy cheese to enjoy? The Blomus SITIO Cheese Grater and Tray can help you grate the block of cheese if that is what you desire, or the porcelain tray can be used to serve it.

If you have a few items to serve, keep it separate yet together with the Blomus Esto Finger Food Set, a food tray where you can enjoy six different items in style. This is the perfect set to serve chips and salsa, humus and pita bread, guacamole… you get the idea.


Make your light meals feel like big meals in these great serving sets. They will taste and LOOK delicious!


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