A Summer Hit: The Ravi Wine Chiller

Instant wine refresher?  Yes, please.  I would like two.

Wouldn’t you want to pour perfectly chilled wine instantly?  Now you can bring out the best in your wine by serving it at just the right temperature without ice buckets or special refrigeration. Who has time for all these extracurricular activities when in reality, we all want to just get to the one main thing: drinking that delish wine!  With Ravi, you can accomplish just this.  Ravi Instant Wine Refresher can be stored in your freezer for at least six hours and then attached directly to your wine bottle. Naturally, the wine chills to perfection when you pour it through the Ravi and use the air-intake valve to control the flow for regulating wine temperature.


The fabulous Ravi can cool a full bottle of room-temperature red wine to 64 degrees F, or chill many glasses of white wine to as low as 40 degrees F.  Ok, now I would like 3 of these please. 

Instead of wasting time cooling the bottles, now you can cool what truly matters and that is the wine. The outside of the Ravi Instant Wine Refresher is an insulating shell that keeps the interior frozen for over an hour. Inside, a high-grade stainless-steel tube maintains wine characteristics and ensures that taste is never altered. Comes with wine thermometer and air pump for thorough cleaning.

To sum up this glorious invention:

• There is no more need for ice buckets
• There is no more mess
• There is no need to pre-chill
• There is no need to wait for your wine to reach that perfect temperature

Not only is Ravi a fabulous addition to your already great-looking kitchen, but this awesome gadget could equally be admired at your friend’s house too! A fantastic gift for only $39.95 and a lifetime of happiness and cheer!  Get yours today!  

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