Organize Messy Cords With The Bobino Driinn

The Driinn Mobile Phone Holder looks very simple – just a V-shape device made of a mix of plastic and rubber – but we think it is an ingenious invention that will be appreciated by anyone striving to keep organized.

The Driinn can help you accomplish several things, including to help you designate a permanent and safe spot for your phone, keep the risks of loose cords at a minimum, and avoid seeing your expensive phone plunge hard against the floor.

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder

If you normally charge your phone on an outlet near the floor, you are most likely dealing with a good amount of cord strewn all over the place. That brings about the potential of a tripping accident for anyone who walks by it. The shape of the Drinn will allow you to wrap up all the extra cord, keeping your floor surface clear.

Furthermore, with the Driinn you will not have to look for the outlet closest to the floor anymore. You can charge your phone on any outlet, even one up high, because the Driinn can hang about the plug and at once serve as a small table for you unit. Because the Driinn is made partly of rubber, it is not slippery but rather its surface “grabs on” to your phone.

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder

With the Driinn there will be no more need to set your phone on a table to charge. It has happened to us so we figure it has happened to you: Is there anything more painful than seeing your precious unit slam against the ground because the weight of the cord pulled it down? The Driinn will save you from having to pick up the pieces and from the disappointment of seeing horrible scratches.

Driinn Mobile Phone Holder

Just to make it fun besides practical, the Driinn folds down to a slim compact design and is available in several colors, including black, orange, and white.

Prevent breaks and complications by using this affordable device which, on top of it all, will keep your life organized. Get yours here today!

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