Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine… one of my favorite beverages in the entire world.  I am sure most of you would agree. There is nothing cozier than having a good glass of red on a gloomy, winter day. And if your friends and family are anything like mine, they would most definitely agree. To satisfy that someone special on your list, I am going to help you by sharing some of my favorite gifts for a wine enthusiast. Let the wine flow!

1. I have to start with Ravi. It is such a genius product!  Check out this Ravi Iceberg.  It is the ultimate wine chiller that will keep your wine cold as an ice bucket for up to 2 hours! Not only that, but you won’t have those annoying water stains on your table anymore.  Its minimalist look won’t overpower your kitchen look; pretty enough to be displayed on the counter or easily stored in one of your kitchen cabinets.  For $20, this is the ultimate great gift at a bargain price that everyone would love!


2. While raving about the Ravi, check out another one of their awesome products.  The Instant Wine Chiller. So sleek and efficient, it makes for a great new addition to any bar. What’s special about this product is that it never alters the taste of your wine. Makes a perfect gift for any wine-r in your life 😉


3. If you have an artistic wine lover in your life, you should probably stick to weird gifts.  And by weird, I mean very unique, different, something that they may not get for themselves.  Check out this Flow Wine Rack.  The sleek look of this bottle rack will grab everyone’s attention. It holds up to eight bottles, which allows for major space saving, especially if your wine lover lives in a small compound. You will just have to go with the flow on this one!


4. This gift is perfect for your best girlfriend.  No more not-so-appealing wine boxes on open display. This Baggy Winecoat by Menu was designed, I believe, with women in mind. Each wine coat is designed for a wine bag from a standard wine box and the opening fits all standard taps. It comes in various colors, so pick one that describes your wine lover the most. This Winecoat allows for ice packs that will keep the wine chilled while traveling.


5. I personally love Menu.  This Scandinavian company truly knows sleek design and functionality. And they clearly know the importance of a good wine, its perfect temperature and preservation of its taste.  Check out this Cool Breather Carafe.  It acts as a wine aerator and serving carafe. It also includes a re-usable cooling stick so the wine stays nice and chilled. All Menu items are made with sensible Scandinavian design in Denmark and are versatile enough to use with other liquids as well. The Cool Breather Carafe makes an excellent gift for wine lovers and a beautiful addition to any serving table.


6.  Wine glasses are always a great gift. This beautifully crafted set of four, festive wine glasses are quality-made and hand blown. The Sagaform Wine Glasses will make you want to have a party each and every day!  Pick your wine lover’s favorite color and let the joy flow!


7. If your wine lover loves to read about different wines, the best bet is getting them a yearly subscription to the Wine Enthusiast magazine or any other fabulous wine magazine that might be out there. They will think of you each month their magazine arrives and who knows?  You may even get invited to the next best discovered glass of Pinot Noir afterall 😉


  8. If you favorite winologist has a wine celler or a vineyard, why not get them something super personal such as these rustic grapey coasters?  Add their name, something funny about them or the name of their celler/vineyard and you got yourself an awesome gift they will keep forever!


9. Your friends may think they know all about the wine, but we all know that they are in fact missing a few pieces of the wine puzzle.  In any case, this gorgeous tabletop/countertop book is the ultimate gift for your wine enthusiast. Not only is it gorgeous to be displayed openly, The World Atlas of Wine will take your wine lover to the places he/she has never been before. Who knows? They may take you with them and that certainly is not too shabby 🙂


10. For a hippy wine lover, you must get the Bicycle Wine Holder.  The picture speaks for itself. This is for that one wine lover who always comes prepared.


Let’s face it.  Buying gifts for other adults is challenging.  Add the picky wine lovers to the mix and you got yourself a real problem.  It still takes me an hour of humming and hawing up and down the wine aisles to select that perfect bottle of wine for a friend. Why? Because my wine lovers are super picky and they can’t help themselves. Clearly, neither can I.

Fortunately for you, we created this helpful list of amazing wine lover gifts that even haughty sommeliers will appreciate getting. Happy Vino-ing!

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