Modernized Sofas and a Chair

When it comes to sofas, we all have a very different idea of how they should look, how comfortable they should be, what purpose they will use, etc. Personally, I need a sofa that will basically hide me. Yes, I am talking about a sofa so comfy with the largest pillows and cushions available on the market that can literally bury me alive. You know the feeling when you throw yourself on the sofa and it doesn’t bounce you back? That’s THE one! But I understand that my version of a heavenly sofa is certainly not for everyone. I realize that the sofa style truly depends on your home’s vibe and the message you want to portray when your friends and family come to visit.

Older generations tend to stick to antique-y look, like the one featured below. It tends to scream “museum” to me, but when done correctly, this same look can be transformed into a more “modernesque” style.


A complete opposite of antique-y traditional, how about this simple, crisp and clean look with straight lines?  Easy fit for any living room, highly functional and it matches any style.  You can coordinate any pillow/rug colors with this grey sofa and add some fabulous art to fill the room.  This design gets my vote!


If you are inspired by art and bright colors, you may like our next sofa. I personally enjoy the boldness of this design and can see myself sipping on that exact glass of wine featured in the picture.  But if you have kids, this may not be such a good option.  Why, you may ask?  One word: WHITE. It is not a secret that white furniture is much harder to clean and keep in the tip top shape.      

White and purple modern sofa with square low profile coffee table in beautiful room

Prefer the Jetsons style?  No problem.  There is a solution for you and it is called VONDOM.  Don’t get it confused 😉 It is honestly considered the new world of perfection.  The VONDOM furniture collection showcases a new sensory experience for both indoor and outdoor living. This exciting new assembly features brand new colors, shapes and lines that are unprecedented in the outdoor landscape arena . VONDOM helps create a comfortable and harmonic environment, while arising the senses you never even knew you had.  It creates unique functional art, accentuating the natural beauty of the product. Vondom designs are contemporary and avant-garde.  If you are in Beverly Hills, make sure to check it out… It is nirvana for people who want Bauhaus, art deco, modern, mid century, or designer furniture at wholesale prices.


Batmobile anyone?  Well, this is the closest thing to it right now.  The one and only: Retro Car.  Speaking of super urban! A few Polish designers from the LA Design Studio have created this amazing custom-built auto furniture collection. These handcrafted furniture are made of aluminum, leather and original car parts.  Have a guy who loves fast cars?  This is the ultimate gift for him and his man cave.  Speed limit: Unknown.  Sit at your own risk.


Last, but not least, we have more futuristic and hi-tech designs to show you.  This circular sofa screams 2030!  With some added pillows on each side, it serves as a backrest. Yet, on the other side, there is a mounted flat screen television. Say what?  This futuristic design for a sofa includes capacity of more than two people to get together in a circle and enjoy their favorite movie, show, etc.  Sleepovers just got a whole lot more interesting! With an already installed table in the middle of the sofa, you won’t have to ever leave your spot.  Some of the colors available for this particular sofa are a cheerful red, soft blue, elegant black or white and pink girly.


Shop away… and remember to stay true to your own sense of style and creativity!

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