St. Patrick’s Day Home Decor

‘Tis the season to be Irish! A true Irish or not, March 17th calls for a celebration, a green one that is! For St. Patrick’s Day this year, why not delve into our pot of “green” ideas featuring holiday crafts projects and Irish-theme decorating ideas?  It’s the day of leprechauns, Celtics and shamrocks!  This is the perfect time to involve the whole family in exploring Irish culture, customs and history. Get your kids involved with fun and crafty projects, such as the ones listed below.  Hope you enjoy them!

Clover Mantel Decoration

Add a touch of Irish-theme decor to your mantel with an easy-to-make framed clover. Trace a clover shape onto a 1-inch thick piece of plastic foam; cut out. Cover the shape completely with crinkled tissue paper to add texture. Spray-paint the clover green, let dry and apply an antique glaze to highlight the textured areas. Secure it to a framed piece of burlap with a bit of hot glue.


Four-Leaf Clover Door Hanging 

Bring a bit o’ luck to your home with this simple but eye-catching St. Patrick’s Day door hanging. Start with wooden shamrock shapes, attach a variety of green scrapbook papers to the wood shapes and let dry. With a utility knife or scissors, cut out the shamrock shapes, attach the shapes to a ribbon with glue dots and add scrapbook letters to each one.  You can find all of the supplies at your local craft store… promised!


Yarn-Wrapped St. Patrick’s Day Vase

Why not re-purpose (and recycle!) a wine bottle into a pretty St. Patrick’s day craft?  Wrap bright green yarn or embroidery floss around the neck of the bottle and end your wrapping an inch or so from the bottom of the bottle. Try using a mix of different shades of green ribbon to tie on a seasonal tag.  Gift it or keep it!


Wreath Away

Turn a simple grapevine from plain to charming just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Embellish the wreath with crafty clovers made from an old green t-shirt, sheet music and scrapbook paper. It’s that easy and super creative!  Cut fun clover shapes from your green fabric and patterned paper, then glue together for a layered effect. Add some ribbon and buttons for dramatic effect and voila!  You got yourself a one awesome seasonal wreath that can be reused for years to come!


Irish Napkin Decor

Check out this simple, yet beautiful napkin decor for the one and only green “holiday!”  Rough twine, raffia, cording or ribbon makes an appropriately rustic napkin ring for an Irish gathering. Embellish with a real (or artificial) shamrock leaf, whatever rocks your boat 🙂


Bells of Ireland Display

Long stems of bells of Ireland in a green or white vase create a beautiful, classic St. Patrick’s Day touch. Offset the vase with antique green books and vintage croquet balls, as Ireland is one of the founding countries of croquet. Invite over a few chaps and have a ball of a time!


If all else fails, get to your nearest grocery store and buy some Granny Smith apples… Yes, the green ones… the sour ones… the good ones.  Put them in a clear jar and there you have it! St. Patrick’s in a bowl in a matter of minutes.  Easy?  You bet!


Last, but not least… don’t forget to kiss someone… Irish only, that is.  

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.


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