Contemporary Spaces

Ever been in a space where you felt so uncomfortable that you were afraid to sit down on any surrounding piece of furniture?  I have, which is when I decided that I never wanted my own home to feel that unpleasant.  I honestly think that the owners of this particular home, a.k.a. museum, I am referring to also felt uncomfortable to use their own ritzy and beautifully decorated space.  Pretty?  To a certain extent.  Functional: Most definitely not.   If you want to be isolated from the outer world, do not hesitate: go modern.  Do I like crispiness and white colors?  Sure, of course I do… but I also don’t like to replicate my dental office in my own home.  These people were definitely all 50 shades of cray.

In the past, people would be terrified of the word “modern.”  Anything modern meant that it was too cold and too far out of reach.  I hear it all the time: “Modern? That’s way too expensive for us.” Or: “I don’t want my home to feel like an Exhibition Center.”  But over the years, this view has changed for many.  People started evolving their styles and being more free with their own levels of modernism.  Even the homeowners who love modern design also want their space to feel warm and inviting. Afterall, they like to entertain and have people visit so they can show off their designs and oh, so stylish furniture of the future. Today’s modern interior certainly doesn’t have to feel cold and look or feel like a museum.  It can still be luxurious and welcoming, layered with classic elements full of texture and interest.  With a splash of warm colors such as orange, red or even yellow, one can upgrade from dull to bright in no time.


Nowhere does it say that you have to have all white furniture to feel “modern or contemporary.”  You also don’t have to have imported glass sculptures from Indonesia for your home to feel “modernized.”  It’s all about mixing and matching to achieve that wow factor.  Contemporary today means blending of styles and colors and not being afraid to express your inner artistic nature.  Your space should be functional, not just sculptural. Architecturally clean lines allow for simplicity and orderliness. If you are working with a strict budget, possibly adding a unique chair or a bed frame may be the starting point for the space. With either of these two, you can make that big splash that looks and feels expensive, but is truly not.  Hey, some information should be kept to yourself, right?  Those who like deep wood tones can integrate rich textured fabrics to create a positive, lively contrast. The strong, simple lines of modern design offer the perfect backdrop for dramatic art and accent pieces.  If you don’t have cash for expensive artwork, feel free to paint something yourself.  You don’t have to be Michelangelo or Van Gogh to create your own masterpiece.

Super important factor to remember when designing your own modern space is lighting.  Clear daylight provides crispiness and openness to space, creating the perfect feeling of harmony throughout the home.  Let there be light folks!


To keep the simplicity from becoming sterile, try to incorporate other elements into the space. Add some unexpected traditional and not so traditional details.  Think about adding some brassy or silver-ish frames or possibly revamping some old lamps. That will add light and make the space feel open and clean.  Carefully mixing the patterns and materials can keep the space feel warm and familiar. Even in a strongly modern interior, the mood can be warm and even romantic. And that’s not only if the space features a fireplace.  Think of adding some rustic or woodsy candles to your home.  The smell of rich blends of golden nectar, red apples and spiced berries creates not only a heavenly smell, but also a sense of richness. With some luxurious fabrics and good lighting design, let the good times roll!  

And remember: don’t let pretentious individuals cramp your style!  Create your own masterpiece worry free!  Don’t be afraid to unleash your artistic nature!  Indulge and allow yourself to see the world outside of the box.  Even if only you think it’s unique, do it.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.  Design away! 

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