Unique and Useful Gifts for Hostesses

Sure, we all love parties; especially during the holidays.  People are happy and truly ready to spread some holiday cheer!  But when it comes to gifting regardless of what time of the year it might be, things can get quite complicated.  You have a dilemma of what to get for a hostess who’s been slaving all night and day to make that perfect appetizer you are now drooling over.  You want to reward them and celebrate them, but don’t know how.  The indecisiveness starts to drive you crazy and you settle for the worst: a plain ol’ gift card.  I personally do not like gift cards.  They scream thoughtlessness and a quick fix.  Harsh, I realize.

To help you gather some ideas for this year’s gift giving, we have combined a list of some of our favorite and useful items that your hostesses will just love!  Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  If you are already getting a gift for that someone special, than why not make it super unique and personal?  And no… these do not need to be costly gifts.

Short-term Art

With so many fun websites today, such as Fab and Etsy, why not get them a personalized piece of art you they’ll love?  You can choose from countless prints that best describe your hostess and truly express her personality.  Frame it in a plain black or white frame and you have yourself a very nice, thoughtful gift she will keep forever.


DIY a toolbox jar

Ever felt stuck on a house project because you didn’t have all the right tools?  I know I did… too many times.  Most likely, your hostess did as well.  Grab a few must haves at your local hardware store and create a jar/basket that she will most definitely find useful.  Create a personal label that will make her smile each time no matter how intense her project may be!



A personalized cutting board

I just love this idea!  What hostess wouldn’t like to have a quality cutting board with her name engraved on it?  I know I would!  Feeling overly creative?  Add some distinctive language to the bottom of the cutting board… something personal yet fun for your recipient 🙂


An actual helpful cookbook

Who doesn’t like food?  Either you love to cook it, eat it or both!  Either way, a good cookbook is always a smart gift.  If you know your hostess’ favorite chef, get them their newest cookbook!  They will love it for sure.  If you want to totally surprise them, get them a cookbook that is unique in every way.  Let them unleash their inner eccentric cook and get crafty with their new and improved menu!


A personalized basket

You can go all out on this one!  Build a basket/bucket that is focused on your hostess’ style and her favorites.  If she is an eternal gardener, get her this beautiful Greens Round Planter from HomeClever.  Fill it up with some essential gardening tools your hostess will adore.  Feel free to include some exotic flower seeds, colorful tools and fun gloves to go with it!

Greens Round Planter


If she is a master chef, get her an unusual seasonal bread mix, chocolate, jelly or an ethnic item that will entice her senses!  Visit your local farmers’ market and pick up an exotic cheese she’s never tried before.  Check out this elegant cheese slicer from HomeClever to include as a gift.  It is such a classy present that would look great displayed in any kitchen, not to mention its functionality and ease of use.  Get Cheese-y with it without actually being cheesy 😉

froma-cheese-slicerWith so many wonderful choices, you can’t help but to gasp for air!  It’s hard to choose, but you know your hostess the best.  Any of these great ideas would make her feel special and loved.  Happy Shopping!

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