5 Futuristic Lamps For Your Home

Lighting has come a long way from the dangerous oil lamps of colonial times. Whatever your style may be, there is a light fixture for everyone.  Some still prefer a typical traditional chandelier, while others have transitioned to a much smaller and more modest option.  One thing hasn’t changed, however: the fact that we would be living in darkness without these awesomely convenient sources of light. From beautiful hanging pendants to table-top lamps, I’ve compiled some of my personal favorite lighting fixtures.

When it comes to pendant lighting, there are so many options.  If your style is traditional, you may go for a more relaxed lighting option, such as the Lancaster Pendant Bowl.  This particular pendant would fit well in your foyer or over a table in the dining room or kitchen. It demonstrates an easygoing transitional style that fits comfortably, featuring a marbled glass shade held by ample squared arms.  However, if you are more into the modern style as I am, you may choose to go with something more like this.  This EGLO Mercur 3 Light Kitchen Island Pendant is simple, yet very sophisticated.

EGLO-Mercur-3-Light-Kitchen-Island-Pendant (1)

As we all know, some of the most fabulous designs come from Italy.  Italians seem to have that special niche when it comes to designing homes, fashion and so much more.  They always seem to take it to a whole other level and give their all.  Versace, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana all influenced the world we live in today and their inspirations continue to inspire designers worldwide.  Italians have us beat even in the simplest items, such as this table lamp.  Let me introduce you to Nesso.  Designed by Giancarlo Mattioli, this injection-molded thermoplastic standing table or wall-mounting lamp takes four 25-watt E12 bulbs.  Modern and bright, it allows the space to sparkle with charm and elegance.



If you are an industrial style lover, this particular light fixture could futurize your living room in a matter of seconds. Hello Void Light!  I love everything about this light: its design, color, shape and reflection it produces.  It can be intimate, but it can also transpire into a more cold look, whichever you prefer.  This state-of-the-art light fixture would also look great and illuminating in a chic and eclectic restaurant.  ¡Hasta la vista, Henningsen!  Jetsons, please step aside 😉


Transitioning to the outdoors, check out this interesting Luceplan Pod Lens lamp.  This light could be installed in your home garden, the terrace, spaces around the swimming pool, even the vegetable garden. Pod Lens is super versatile.  It can sit high, low, be placed into the ground, in bunches or festoons on the branches of trees.  The lamp is waterproof and its colors are resistant to ultraviolet rays. Pod Lens takes both energy-saving bulbs and normal incandescent ones. If you choose to place this light Inside the house, you can raise it on a high stem with aluminium base and voilà: you got yourself a lightweight floor lamp!


Last, but not least, check out this weird, yet fun looking Wired Lamp.  Inspiration for the “wired” lamp came from the process of model making, using wire to “draw” with in 3D, rather than using paper and pencil. Playing with scale and size has led to the lamp being a fun, inspiring product with a uniqueness of its own. This lamp is a table and desk sized and is now available in three color combinations: Bright Green with a White cotton shade, and Orange cable, Sunshine Yellow with a Black cotton shade, and Black cable and Pure White with a White cotton shade, and a Red cable.


Whichever is your own style, you can’t go wrong by picking any of these innovative and fun light fixtures.  No matter the occasion or room choice, feel free to personalize these same lamps and have them fit into your lifestyle however you desire with just a little imagination.  And of course, don’t forget to let there be light!

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