Bottling Reinvented

Baby Boomers, their kids and all following generations are convinced that a daily dose of a functional beverage, energy or vitamin drink can keep them youthful.  Hey, we support you…and whatever rocks your boat.  Consumers will try it almost anything with even slightest chances of staying young and wrinkle-free.  Protein powders were very popular a couple of years ago and kept consumers intrigued for a very short while, but that trend faded away quickly after the natural juicing entered our abundant world.

Remember when Activate was born?  It has a pretty neat concept of storing vitamins in the cap and releasing them once the bottle cap snaps open.  This keeps the vitamins fresh and yet very powerful.  It’s convenient, easy for on-the-go and functional.  Get Activated today!

ActivateCoreDramaEnvironmentally safe and beneficial, we introduce you to the 360 paper water bottle.   The project attempts to reduce the waste given the fact that 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away daily in the United States (of which 86% become garbage).  Sounds crazy, huh?  Sadly, it’s true.  The paper vessel is made from 100% renewable food-safe resources, fully recyclable and versatile in a number of potential liquid categories. Go Green!


Got milk?  We do. Check out this crisp and clean packaging for Good Milk, designed by the StudioIn.  A variety of soft pastel colors helps the consumer identify the flavor and fat content of the product.  They do offer traditional tetra-pack packaging as well, but the aluminum can one seems too good to pass up.  Great for on-the-go as well!  Be good to yourself and get the Good Milk!


One of my favorite topics is energy drinks.  And I am not talking about the famous Red Bull.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that blue/silver can, but why be bad to yourself when finally you can be good?  Yes, we finally have the good energy drink on the market!  Nawgan is something that will make us feel good and all guilt free!  Nawgan energy drinks are loaded with ingredients that claim to help you focus.  The drink is only 45 calories, but they do offer a zero calorie option as well.  I tried it.  I liked it.


These are just a few examples of how cool beverage packaging looks today.  Not only are the colors calling our names, but the flavors are completely reinvented and delicious.  Adult consumers are craving less sugary drinks for themselves and their kids.  They no longer want to drink empty calories and load up on unnecessary pounds.   Coca-Cola, step aside.

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