Top 3 Interior Design Trends of 2013

We’ve seen many things happen this year.  And no, I am not referring to Miley’s twerking.  I am talking about color and some serious interior decorating splash.  This year, designers were not afraid to play with colors and patterns.  In addition, if you pay close attention to the 2013 Spring/Fall runway fashion shows, you will soon realize how much home decor translates into the homes of many.

Metallics were a huge hit this year.  Gold and blue, purple and silver… you can’t help, but to absolutely love it.  Vintage gold with a pop of color, as displayed in the picture bellow, certainly bring that Wow factor to this room.




Speaking of metallics, let’s also not forget about the grommets, studs and other metal accents that contribute to the richness of a home. It’s the little details that make a big statement.  For more ideas, head over to HomeClever for metallic additions that will make any room shine… literally.

Frama Mirrored Wall Frames

Frama Mirrored Wall Frames

Umbra Tweet Wall Decor chrome

Tweet Chrome Wall Decor

Remember Life Savers?  Starburst?  All this fabulously tasty and colorful candy has inspired many artists to indulge in mixing and playing with bright and bold colors.  And why not?  They bring a whole new dimension to homes.

Bold-geometric-dining-room wall-letters-diy-wall-art

Art is something that everyone enjoys, but not many can afford.  When we think of art, we usually think of high end paintings that are so expensive and mainly imported .  Today, however, with flash websites, such as Fab, Joss & Main, One Kings Lane and even Etsy, now everyone is able to purchase affordable prints and frame them on their own.  These sites aim to please every type of consumer no matter their budget.  And frames are super affordable too.  Choose one that best fits your style and frame away!

DIY gallery walls

guest room gallery wall


One major takeaway from this year, is to never be afraid to be too bold or too eccentric.  Afterall, it only matters what you love and what makes you comfortable in your own home.  Be the judge of your own interior oasis. Happy Decorating!


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