Christmas Tree Decor: Top 10 Tips and Ideas

We survived Halloween and Thanksgiving and are getting into the crunch time just in time for Christmas!  I just love this time of the year!  Everyone is happy and cheerful, city lights are lit, towns are getting festive and neighbors are finally putting their favorite Christmas wreaths on their doors.  Oh, the joy!  I can smell the pine straw as I’m typing!  With Christmas come the trees… Real or fake, they bring something so special to any home.  We are going to share some of our favorite tree decor with you. We hope you enjoy reading this article as much as we did putting it together!  Get ready to unleash your inner artistic streak!

Bring Out the Color

Even if you live in the black, white and grey world, Christmas is the one time a year you can go overboard with color and certainly expand your naturally-born sophisticated style. Look for ornaments in bold blues, greens and reds and pair them with metallic colors, like silver and gold.  Yes, metalllics keep rockin’ the 2013 even in trees!


Creature Comfort

All of you animal lovers out there, this is the perfect time to show your pups, cats, birds and other creatures some love!  Choose your favorite animal as your Christmas tree theme and just go with it.  For this particular tree design, snowy owls (adorbs by the way) are hidden among the flocked branches.  Winter berries, metallic green flowers and a mixture of clear, green and red ornaments fill out the rest of the tree.  Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!


Match your Decor

Whether your home is traditional, contemporary or shabby chic, try to find a tree and ornaments that fit into your design. Check out this beautiful white Christmas tree with handmade and vintage ornaments to complement this shabby chic living room.  I personally adore white Christmas trees.  They bring certain elegance to the room and sparkle with holiday spirit!  Grab a glass of delicious champagne and enjoy!


Shiny Baubles

Glass ball ornaments add a designer touch to any tree and work whether you want a classic or contemporary tree. For a traditional theme, look for solid ornaments in red, white, silver and gold. For a more modern look, choose ornaments with graphic designs in a more updated scheme, like lime green and fuchsia or violet and bronze.


DIY Ornaments

Why not handcraft your own ornaments?  They don’t have to be ZGallerie material!  Create simple ornaments from old paperback books and sheet music. Use hand-dyed ribbon and vintage ornaments to add to this rustic quality of your own handmade decorations.


Blooming Design

No matter where you may live, there will be a cute local craft store nearby your home.  Pick out an array of silk flowers, like garden roses, hydrangeas and magnolias and scatter the flowers throughout the branches.  Top the tree with richly textured ribbon and a few well-placed ornaments for a high-end designer look. Deep purples and metallics really add to this particular design.  One of our favs for sure!


Naturally Perfect

Celebrate this winter season with a nature-inspired Christmas tree. Mix in a variety of pine cones, leaves and birds throughout the branches, as well as a few metallic elements to add interest and sparkle.  Did we mention gathering pine cones and leaves from your own backyard?  This means free and fabulous…so pick away!  This type of tree would look great in golden, yellow and orange tonalities.


Get Patriotic!

Deck out your Christmas tree in your national flag colors!  If you are Italian, why not make your tree white, green and red?  Spaniards, go red and yellow!  Americans, get your reds, whites and blues out. In 2008, the White House’s East Room featured this beautiful evergreen full of glass ornaments in the nation’s favorite colors. Gorgeous and easy to do!


Gettin’ Hollywood-y with It

Love movie star glamour, red carpet and gorgeously flowing gowns?  Put on your best show this Christmas and win an Oscar without even going to Hollywood!  Add sparkle, glitter and confetti to your tree along with some silver, gold and red chunky ornaments.  Let the shiny ribbon flow and voila!  In the pictured design below, Hollywood’s favorite golden man, Oscar, fits right into traditional red and gold color scheme.


Sounds of the Season

Do you hear what I hear?  Jingle bells all the way.  Why not dress up your tree with some of your favorite tunes?  Mix in silver ornaments and winter berries for a classic Christmas tree theme.  You can even add some unique instrument ornaments and let the tree sing this holiday season!


Whatever design you may choose, remember that there are no limitations!  Use your imagination and let the artist in you design that perfect creation.  There are no rules to break, so go with the flow and your budget 🙂  The trees don’t have to be traditional!  They can be whatever you want them to be!  Happy Holidays to All!

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