Items for a perfect evening outdoors

We want to help you turn your summer evenings into the best of the year. The temperature is right; this is the perfect time to relax on your patio with a drink, a cigar, and the view of the stars.

First of all, we think you should have an Outdoor LCD Window Thermometer, which, on its transparent panel, will tell you not only the current temperature in Fahrenheit degrees but the highest and the lowest of the last 24-hour period. The digits are over an inch high so you can tell how hot it is even from afar. You can mount this piece to the wall or to a window, in which case it can serve you both outside and inside the house.


Now for that drink. Your Dewar’s, Johnnie Walker, or whatever may be your preference would look awesome in this Whiskey Glass set of Swedish design. There are six glasses on the set, really beautiful pieces that hold just under seven ounces, and that we know you will love to feel in your hand.


Will you be enjoying a cigar? We don’t really know why you would be into squeezing your cigar ashtray, but that is one of the features of this Squeezy Rubber Ashtray made of squeezable silicone rubber. It is guaranteed against melting or burning, resists heat well, and it is easy to clean, which is important if you will keep it outdoors.


And then just for ambiance, allow us to suggest the Blomus Fuoco Fire Pit, which you can place on any table to round up your outdoor experience. It holds two hours worth of burning gel, the perfect amount of time for a nice evening outside.


All you have to do now is look up at the stars! They are just waiting up there for your gaze!

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