Creative Tea Packaging

If you are anything like me, you probably drink tea only when you are sick and simply forced to drink something hot and soothing. But this may no longer be true. In fact, drinking tea has become a fancy new trend of the twenty-first century and is followed not only by hippy youngsters, but elderly folks as well. Drinking tea no longer involves just a simple cup filled with hot water and a boring-looking tea bag. The trend has transpired into a form of art that is highly valued and very well respected, especially on the West Coast. Many tea enthusiasts opened fancy tea houses where consumers alike join forces to mix and match some of their most favorite tea blends.  Think of this trend as a new form of wine tasting… now called: tea tasting. And if you are wondering if any of these teas could be used in mixing a delicious adult beverage? Well, yes of course.

Illustration Tea Bags by Chin Yu

Illustration Tea Bags by Chin Yu

iPod, iPad, iPhone… It was just a matter of time when iTea would make its debut on the market. This lovely innovation of iTea wand is a single serving tea package with a built in filter system. Just drop into hot water and brew! It is that simple. The filtration system allows for tea leaves’ flavor carrying fats and oils to be equally dispersed into hot water, allowing for a more intense flavor than traditional oil absorbing tea bags. The design is simple, clean and quite fresh.


Next on the list, we have Tea Forté.  Beautifully designed, these delicious blends of tea are made with whole leaf teas, rough-cut herbs and flowers. Yumolicious!  Tea Forté packaging ranges from loose tea leaves to catchy pyramid infusers crowned with a tiny signature leaf.  Dip and stir, please.



Something even more entertaining on the market are the new tPod tea bags.  They are small paper boats attached to tea bags.  Not only will this attract your kids to drink more tea in a new, fun way, but it will make you join them in a heartbeat.  Race anyone?


Those drinking tea for health purposes and an overall healthy lifestyle, may find the Herbal Tea Bags at The House Cafe very intriguing. This very restaurant is located in Istanbul, where customers are said to be extremely health conscious.  Their tea bags feature cutouts of people performing outdoor activities as shown in the picture below.  They are fun and interactive, especially for those who are avid athletes and sportsmen.  Now you can bungee jump together with your own tea pal.


Control freaks will be happy to learn that with the Temae Tea packaging, they are able to choose their own tea intensity.  The tea bag is put with the label on the edge of a cup with a strip that indicates the desired intensity of the tea.  Each tea features a special paper strip showing tea climbing up as it steeps to show when it is ready.  This particular principle is most beneficial with culinary and medical teas. Climb away, we say!


Last but not least, we have the Mood Garden.  Sounds heavenly.  We all know what it means to be happy and in a good mood.  And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to feel this way every single day?  With Mood Garden, getting in that right mood can sometimes be as simple as a cup of tea, literally. This tea company focuses on providing Fair Trade loose leaf tea in the convenience of tea bags. Each tea blend corresponds with a unique color and flower in order to help visualize these moods. When the consumer removes the tea bag from the stick, a prompt followed by a small flower is revealed.  How cute!  Many tea drinkers read while brewing and the vertical orientation of the stick presents a very convenient book mark. Time to get happy folks!


As you can see, the options are endless.  The abundant tea industry has shown us that drinking tea can and should be fun and rewarding in many different ways!  There is something for everyone…from elderly to young kids looking for that entertaining experience of drinking a “boring” hot tea.  Drinking tea today in numerous fancy ways has become part of our new lifestyle, not just a temporary fad.  With so many innovation and functional designs, it’s quite hard to choose the best product out there, but if you choose any of the above mentioned, you surely won’t be disappointed.  Drink away ricochet!

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