DIY Centerpieces for Fall and Thanksgiving Dinners

Ahhh, Fall at last.  It is most definitely my favorite season of the year.  The tree colors are breathtaking, stores are beautifully decorated and perfumed with some of the sweetest fall scents.  You can’t help, but to feel absolutely mesmerized.  With this remarkable season also come the holidays.  Now that Halloween is behind us, we have feasty Thanksgiving to look forward to. Afterall, it is the best time to indulge, love and cozy up with some of your favorites!

If you are hosting a Thanksgiving lunch or dinner, you will definitely need to consider table decor.  This is one of the best times to get creative and let your thoughts indulge in true magic of the holiday season.  We will show you some of our top choice ensembles below.  Hope you enjoy!

1. Rustic… it screams Thanksgiving.  Pair elements such as beeswax candles, gourds and a salvaged wooden board as a table runner with a porcelain footed dish overflowing with greenhouse blooms. Feel free to add a variety of flowers(ivory and white colors) including roses, hydrangea, dahlias, copper amaranth and ranunculus with a few sprigs of fall greenery, grasses and berries to signify the season.

DIY Fall and Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpieces

2. Sparkle anyone?  Time to re-use your leftover Halloween pumpkins or gourds by adding a glamorous touch of gold, silver or copper leaf. Faux pumpkins are the best because you can store them to display year after year.

DIY Fall and Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpieces

3. Going back to nature for a second… How about letting organic texture and color be the star of your centerpiece?  Fill glass hurricanes with candles, moss and grapevine and surround them with potted succulents, votives and twig balls. Now, take a deep breath and enjoy 🙂

DIY Fall and Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpieces

4. Got a trifle bowl that you won’t be using for any desserts on Thanksgiving? Use it to create a sophisticated yet super easy Thanksgiving centerpiece. Fill the bowl with fruits, grasses of the season, or even walnuts and acorns (from your yard—free of charge) to create a festive showpiece for your table. Simple, elegant and very Thanksgiving-ish!

DIY Fall and Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpieces

5. If you have kids, get them engaged in the super fun activity of helping you create a family Thanksgiving centerpiece. Encourage their creativity by using free online templates to cut out leaf shapes from colorful card stock. Attach them to bare branches gathered in your own backyard.  Before dinner, ask your guests to write what they’re most thankful for on the leaves or just leave them blank.  Either way, a fabulous idea that looks awesome while serving a true purpose!

DIY Fall and Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpieces

6. A Thanksgiving centerpiece doesn’t have to be formal or stuffy. Keep it very casual by filling the center of the table with fresh herbs from your own garden, gourds and colorful fall foliage.  Voila!  You got yourself a one fine looking dining table while not overworking yourself.  You have dinner to prepare too!  Save yourself!

DIY Fall and Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpieces

7. Take a stroll outdoors to gather bare branches for a minimal, flower-free centerpiece. Bare is beautiful.  Feel like adding some additional color?  Spray paint your branches to gold, silver or copper for added sparkle.  Sculptural and elegant, these sophisticated branches won’t block the view of other dinner guests or distract from the main event: the food.  Not to mention that you will be guided by the smell anyway that particular day… no need to mix it with a lot of flowers that will interfere with delicious intoxicating food smells!

DIY Fall and Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpieces

8. Low centerpieces are popular because they allow easy conversation between dinner guests. Yes, you will certainly want to interact with your guests while enjoying your second or third plate of food.  Don’t worry…no one is counting.  For this particular look, fill long, shallow vases with flowers and greenery cut short, allowing sprays of greenery or berries to spill over the sides. Slide leafy branches along the vases’ sides for a mounded effect.  Use deep colors such as oranges, browns and greens to create that fall magic!

DIY Fall and Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpieces

9. Metallics… what would we do without them? They have been a huge trend overall this year and are even making their debut in our own dining oasis during this year’s holidays. A bit of metallic spray paint can transform a few natural items into truly distinctive centerpiece elements. A collection of vertical pieces: an oak branch, magnolia leaves, thistle flower, allium and nigella seedpods were painted with copper paint. Place each item in a variety of shaped glass containers and place down the length of a table. To pick up the shimmery paint tones, try serving pieces or flatware in gold tones, too.  This one is definitely a must try.

DIY Fall and Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpieces

10. Last, but not least, remember to eat your veggies!  Well, aside from that of course, try using the veggies in a completely different way this year.  Instead of making a pit stop in the floral department, try the produce section of your neighborhood grocery store first. With a fresh eye for texture and color, you’ll find lots of inspiration, such as purple cabbage, artichokes, kale, napa cabbage and curly lettuce. My mouth is watering already! A shallow footed tray can be your vase. Hollow out the center of the cabbage and replace with florist’s foam or a small jar of water. Arrange a few blooms inside and surround with other pretty colored vegetables. Add a few accent votives, wrapped with leaves from a napa cabbage; tie with string and float a candle in water.  Gorgeous and healthy!

DIY Fall and Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpieces

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