See Light and Beauty In These Letimotiv Lighting Fixtures

The ambiance that a well selected light fixture can add to a room should not be underestimated. Have you ever entered a room and noticed your eyes simply gravitating to a gorgeous light source – a modern lamp, a shiny chandelier, an intriguing fixture, perhaps?

pendant bundle lamp bottled glass leitmotiv is proud to carry two Letimotiv lamps that deserve to be considered beyond their practical use. They must be admired for their gorgeous eye-catching design and for the personality they add on to a home.

Leitmotiv Just Married Bundle Cans Lamp

We talk first about the sleek Kalimero pendant lamp, manufactured in aluminum with a white exterior and a contrasting silver interior that underlines its simple, yet modern, lines. It is just under 12 inches in height and it hangs elegantly from a matching colored cable. The Kalimero will enhance the look of any room in your house; it could even add a touch of light to your veranda.

Kalimero Pendant Lamp

leitmotiv kalimero

A second fantastic looking Letimotiv pendant lamp is the Nova, with its futuristic vibe that most definitely catches every eye’s attention.

Leitmotiv Nova Lamp
It is made of aluminum discs – 140 of them, smoothed and arranged overlapping one another to achieve the shape of a globe that can hang to perfection anywhere about your home. You will have to decide whether you are more mesmerized by the piece itself or by the effect that the light filtering through the gaps of its discs creates.

Leitmotiv Nova Lamp

leitmotiv nova lamp

“To love beauty is to see light,” said Victor Hugo. And the Letimotiv Kalimero and the Nova lamps will allow you to see light and beauty in style!

Leitmotiv Nova Lamp

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