Vending Machines of the Future

We’ve seen it before. Chips, cookies, crackers, sodas and DVDs… all sold through traditional vending machines. But how about if you could get fresh eggs, pizza, shoes and even underwear via vending? Take a look at these awesome innovations in vending and what the future will bring us with just a touch of one button!


Don’t you just sometimes crave pizza so badly, but only have a few minutes to get one? Well now you can have it in only two and a half minutes! Let’s Pizza vending machines were first introduced in Europe and after much success, they will be making an appearance in America!  These machines knead the dough, form a traditional round pizza shape, add tomato sauce and layers of three toppings of your own choosing. The distributor, A1 Concepts from the Netherlands, claim that the product is ”a healthy genuine Italian pizza.” It is sold at approximately $6 for a 10.5 inch pie. 



How about a grocery store vending machine?  Yes, please!  Kroger Co. has installed a “robotic store” on campus of Ohio Northern University. This store provides the community with a new option to shop for food and household goods. The Kroger Shop24 kiosk is a self-contained, refrigerated, robotic vending machine designed to enable 24-hour consumer purchasing. The kiosk contains some toiletries and a wide variety of foods, including organic yogurt, whole grain bread, milk, cereal and fruit. Frozen meals and traditional vending machine items like potato chips and candy bars are also available to shoppers. College kids living in dorms without cars can now grocery shop conveniently on foot.


If you are looking for something more fancy, U*tique is your answer! U*tique offers a luxury vending brand, experience and machine. It launched its first automated shop at Studio Beauty Mix at Fred Segal in the spring of 2009. Machines are now located in many locations, including JFK Terminal 5, the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Lase Vegas, and the Atlanta Airport.  The U*tique allows customers to visually see the product, get a sample, see a video on how to use it and read the ingredient list. If they like the product, they can purchase it by using a credit card.


How about those long night partying, high heels and tired feet at 2 am?  If you are in the UK, visit the After Party Shoes vending machine conveniently located in clubs and restaurants around London. They sell comfortable after party Rollasole ballet flats. No more tired feet and definitely more dancing! Soft and squishy, the shoes come out of the vending machine rolled up in a plastic cup and according to Rollasole, they’re also recyclable! Comfortable and eco-friendly? It doesn’t get much better than that!

In Dallas?  Got a sweet tooth?  It’s midnight?  No problem! With Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM, you can get that soft, sweet and delightful cupcake at any time a day your little heart desires. Sprinkles Cupcakes are restocked three times a day (the ATM holds about 400 cupcakes) and flavors vary with the store’s daily baking schedule. Leftover cupcakes are donated to Metrocare Services, Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center and Catholic Charities of Dallas at the end of each day. Can we say FABULOUS?


There is one vending machine for every 23 people in Japan.  Pretty astounding, huh?  If you happen to be in Japan for any reason, why not grab a draft beer, rice, fried chicken and even eggs on the go?  You can basically get anything and everything on the streets of Japan through vending.  The “Hot Menu” Vending Machine offers friend chicken,  squid balls (don’t ask)  and fish fillets.  For $12 per pint, you can conquer your thirst while strolling down the streets of Tokyo.


Craving lettuce?  No problem.  The $90,000 vending machine called “The Chef’s Farm” can grow 60 heads of lettuce a day using florescent light bulbs.  All of this in Japan.  Buying a ticket now!


So much vending, so little time.  But one thing is for sure. The vending trend is on the rise, allowing us to get anything and everything on the go. Convenience and quality are two of the most important things for consumers today and with these innovative vending machines of the future, one will be able to obtain both of these, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Happy Vending!

2 thoughts on “Vending Machines of the Future

  1. The “After Party” shoe vending machine would be such a hit in Vegas! I know I definitely could’ve used a pair out there once. I’ve also heard of the Cupcake ATM, I think there is one in Beverly Hills? I’ll have to check that one out soon! Awesome info.

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