Innovational Toothbrushing: Top 5 Modern Toothbrushes of 2013

Brushing teeth has always been considered a chore, especially for children. Mornings, afternoons, nights… just the thought of having to do one more thing on the list seemed exhausting. The lack of brushing and flossing has caused countless cavities, increase in dental bills and headaches for parents hopelessly looking for successful solutions. Well, with the most recent developments in dentistry, teeth brushing just got a whole new makeover & we are excited to share it with you! You can officially thank your lucky stars.

First, let’s take a look at Dr. Tung’s IONIC toothbrush. It sounds sophisticated, but does it really work? The IONIC brush makes the teeth let go of plaque, meaning that the plaque gets released even in hard to reach areas. Yes, those stubborn “back of the mouth” areas we often pretend don’t exist.  It is compared to a magnet and is clinically proven to be far more effective than a regular toothbrush. Current users report cleaner, whiter teeth and little to no plaque when visiting their dentist!

Ionic Toothbrush

Next, a standing toothbrush? Sign us up!  Think about eliminating the ever so bacteria-infected toothbrush holders? Hello, clean white sink space! With , we can now say goodbye to dirt and boring looking toothbrush holders.  This DEWS toothbrush is an upstanding toothbrush that cleverly makes use of a weight at the end of its rounded handle to create a center of gravity at the handle base. When the toothbrush is set down, it will sway momentarily until it reaches a position of balance. Tumble, no more!

Dews Toothbrush

If you are environmentally conscious, than you want to try THIS toothbrush. THIS product (Twig toothbrush) already existed, but has never been introduced to an American audience until recently. It is mainly used in the Middle East, Pakistan and India. THIS Miswak tooth-cleaning twig is organic, biodegradable, portable and chewable toothbrush and it contains toothpaste all-in-one. Speaking of saving time and money! The top is removed before use to reveal soft bristles. One word to describe this heavenly invention: brilliant.

This twig toothbrush

Taking on the TOMS shoes concept, Bogobrush attempts to deliver the same message.  Buy One + Give One.  When you purchase one, the second one will be sent to someone within its community of Give Partners across the Unites States. Beautifully designed, Bogobrush is made of bamboo and is environmentally friendly.  Once done using it, just pluck out the soft nylon bristles and safely return them to earth. $10 very well spent.

Bogo brush

Afterall, it’s all about the design. If it looks good, we will most definitely try it.  And with these new toothbrushing solutions, now pair these toothbrushes with a Grassy Organizer for an eco-friendly look or with a Sento Steel Tumbler for an ultra modern piece sitting elegantly on your sink.

2 thoughts on “Innovational Toothbrushing: Top 5 Modern Toothbrushes of 2013

  1. That ‘Not a Twig’ Toothbrush is kind of blowing my mind. Unfortunately their site is down ( Do you know where someone can get one? I mean would they probably be in a Whole Foods or Sprouts (hippie market) or are they in local drugstores?

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