Transform A Room With A Feathery Audubon Lamp

Feathers have been part of fashion and design always. They are certainly associated with the glamour of female icons from the early 20th century – beauties like Betty Compson, Marlene Dietrich, and Betty Grable.

Browse about the internet and you will find feathers worn in hats and dresses, and added as decoration to furniture, lamps, curtains, and more. So, if you want to bring a touch of vintage into your home, consider incorporating some plumes into your décor. The Audubon lamps by LumiSource, we think, are a perfect touch.

audubon table lamp

Both the Audubon Table Lamp and the Audubon Floor Lamp sport an over-sized feather lampshade that will enhance the eclectic feel of any room. The floor lamp perches upon a tripod of solid metal black legs over 60 inches, while the table lamp reaches just over 21. Because they are artificial feathers, these gorgeous pieces will not insult your nature-loving sensitivities.

Instead, these feathery lampshades – which appear so plush, white, and warm you must fight the urge to embrace them – let through a soft light that will glamorize any bedroom, study room, vanity, and bathroom, or that could give the perfect source of calm light for story-time to a young child’s room.


“A new lamp, a piece of art, can transform a room,” said Madonna. We think these Audubon unique fixtures have that power of transformation. Consider enhancing the feel of a room in your home with one of these artful pieces.

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