Modern Address Numbers To Beautify Your Home

There is a house in Azusa, CA that was built in the early 1900s. It is one of those homes that remind you of classic literature, like the story of “The House of the Seven Gables.” However, as soon as you start to admire it, you are turned off by its street address numbers, or rather, due to the lack thereof. The owner, instead, wrote the address on a piece of white paper and glued it to the front.


The numbers on this beautiful California home are hardly visible…

That home could be improved, oh so much!, with just a few nice looking numbers. And, of course, so can yours. Adding elegant street numbers to your house, besides being a functional move, will infuse a modern touch to your property. Consider the following options:

The SIGNO House Numbers by Blomus are made of stainless steel that can be mounted even on brick. They are just under 6” in height and 3.5” in width and with their matte finish will add a contemporary look to new and old buildings alike.

 blomus-door-fur-1SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

A bit smaller in size, at 4” high and 2.5” in width, the Neutra House Numbers “float” about .75” off the wall and cast subtle shadows on it. These numbers are true to the 1930s originals designed by Richard Neutra for homes that today are classics, such as the Kaufmann House in Palm Springs and the Lovell Health House in Los Angeles. The Neutra numbers are manufactured in heavy aluminum, each number weighing about half a pound.

Eichler with Neutraface

If you really want your office or home numbers to stand out, you may prefer the Luxello Illuminated Modern House Numbers in Blue LED. Finished in solid aluminum, these are 5” tall illuminated numbers that no one will be able to miss.



A nice looking street address set can improve immensely the look of your home, and it will make it that much easier for everyone to find you!

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