Modern and Playful Mailboxes For Your Home

Take a drive through a long-standing residential neighborhood, like say, Carmel, CA, and you will notice that the exterior of each home says a lot about the person living inside it. Each has a uniqueness gathered in its small details – the fence, the flowerbed, and yes – the mailbox.


What does your house’s mailbox say about you? That you like modern design, perhaps? Or that you are a playful person?… Or does it say that you have not thought much about it? (We don’t want you to have to answer “yes” to that last option.) So here we present you with two mailboxes that will add bunches to the personality of your home.

The Koo Koo mailbox, by Bill Playso, is shaped like a pigeon that, while it won’t “bring” the mail to you, it will certainly do a fine job at holding it. Made of wood and metal, it will effectively guard your letters as well as your newspapers and, we think, will even light up your mailman’s day. If you are a playful person, this mailbox belongs outside your home.

Koo-Koo Mailbox by Bill Playso

But if you are a lover of modern design, you may prefer to show off the smooth and chic Umbra Postino mailbox. Made of high quality stainless steel, this box is shaped like a letter and available in black and silver colors. Its hinged lid will keep your mail safe in any whether condition.

Umbra Postino Mailbox

The small details say a lot about the person who lives inside YOUR home. If it is time to upgrade your mailbox, we hope these suggestions inspire you!

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