Optimize Your Wine With The Wine Clip

Part of the eternal effort to make wine taste its best, there is gadget that we want to introduce you to – The Wine Clip. Manufactured by a company that goes by the same name, The Wine Clip is said to improve the taste of wine as it is poured from the bottle.

The piece is made of aluminum, rubber, and high-powered Neodymium magnets. It needs to be clipped to the neck of the wine bottle once the cork has been removed. According to its creators, the magnets in the clips break up the tannins in the wine as it passes through, and the separation of large particles into smaller ones is what immediately improves the taste and the aroma of the wine, particularly red wines.


Understanding that not being a chemist, and therefore not exactly comprehending how the process works, may make one hesitant about the product, The Wine Clip’s website has an entire section dedicated to testimonials from vendors and customers who swear by the effectiveness of the clip.

A recognized food and wine expert, Anthony Dias Blue, is quoted saying that The Wine Clip is “an ingenious invention that actually works,” and a writer for The Fit Epicurean, Jo Ostgarden, calls it “the most radical wine gift ever” and one that works for her.


So if you want to experiment the effects of magnetism upon your wine, get The Wine Clip as an accessory for your bar. You will receive it in a nice wooden box with clear instructions for use. The Wine Clip is available at an affordable price and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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