4 Kitchen Gadgets To Add Flavor To Your Meals

If you want a meal to taste its best you must add in salt, pepper, and garlic. These are primordial condiments, recognized as such throughout the world.

If you have the proper tools, adding them to your cooking should not be a problem. Below we suggest four condiment grinders that we think should be part of your kitchen’s arsenal.

Minimize the odors left in your hands with the Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker. Put the garlic clove on a hard surface, place the Rocker over it, press down, and voila! minced garlic is ready to be added to the cooking pan directly. It’s easy, quick, and leaves minimum residue in your hands.

Joseph & Joseph Garlic Rocker Press

Another option is the Nextrend Garlic Twist 3G, made of transparent, strong, plastic with inside meshing blades that slice the garlic as you twist. This grinder works on more than garlic. It will mince ginger, peppers, and other like condiments. The more you twist, the finer the chop is, so how big or small the pieces will be completely up to you with this one.

 Garlic Twist

The PepperMate Pepper and Spice Mill is most often used as a pepper and salt grinder but it can grind just about any dried spice. Made of ceramic, this mill has a turner that you must rotate to grind whatever you have put inside of it. It comes with a removable clear bottom cup where the grind remains until it is time to be used.


Or you may want to keep your pepper and salt separate in the PepperMate One-Handed Pepper and Salt Mill Set, which will grind over your food with the simple press of a button. These mills are made of durable ceramic and stainless steel and will look great on your table. The set comes already loaded with gourmet sea salt and blended peppercorns.

Peppermate One Handed Salt and Pepper Mill

Say no to bland tasting meals. Flavorful dishes are at the reach of your hand when using one of these great grinders!

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